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Leading Australian Beauty artisan and offical manicurist for Chanel Australia, Jocelyn Petroni, shares her expertise on all the latest in nail health, trends and manicure matters.

What are your tips to get nails in their healthiest state?

Always follow an inside out approach…..so much of your nail health is determined by your diet, so that is the first place to start. To promote healthy nail growth and maintain strong nails, a diet rich in varied vitamins, calcium and minerals is so important. A key mineral is silicium, which is like ‘cell cement’ and helps nails to grow faster and be more resistant. It’s found in vegetables, in particular garlic and onions. Externally it’s important to care for your nails with specialist treatment products and by having regular manicures. 

What are common complaints that your clients have?

The biggest concern we face in the salon is nail strength, which is evident in so many different nail problems like flaking, peeling, splitting and brittle nails.  To remedy this widespread concern, we have developed a Naked Manicure at Jocelyn Petroni designed to focus on strengthening and conditioning nails in the long term. It’s a colour-free experience that concentrates on ‘treating’ the nail. I also advise my clients to use an at-home nail strengthening product like Mavala’s iconic Scientifique K +, which has been a best selling care product for the nails since the 1950’s.  This product promotes the cohesion of keratin fibres, the principal element composing the nail, strengthening the bond between the three layers of the nail. It’s used on and off as required.

Are there any supplements/treatments you advise clients to take or do to help nail health?

A nail strengthening supplement is a great stop-gap for dietary deficiencies and highly recommended to improve nail health. By regularly looking after your nails with quality manicures and at-home treatment products, the quality of your nails will improve. I would also suggest looking at using products that are free from toxic ingredients like formaldehyde and parabens amongst others.

What are the no no’s that you advise clients on (when visiting other salons, on cleanliness, treatments, cutting cuticles etc)?

Don’t compromise on quality with your nails. Always visit reputable destinations that have meticulous hygiene and care standards. Salons should practice hospital grade disinfection and autoclave their tools between clients. Surprisingly most salon do not have the machinery or allocate the time for disinfection which creates a breeding ground for bacteria and fungal infections to spread. Every step of a nail treatment has the potential to transfer a fungal infection, so only have your nails done at a reputable salon, that uses an autoclave machine and hospital grade disinfectant.

What are the hottest hues for Autumn / winter?

Chanel have new collection of colours launching in a couple of months, which include a colour named ‘After Glow’ this translucent beige is feminine and has a soft natural shimmer that highlights the nail plate for gentle luminosity, it’s amazing! I can see this colour suiting all skin tones and appropriate for every occasion.

What about shape and length, what trends are you seeing from the international runways?

Nail length is remaining short and natural, however the free edges of the nail are now starting to curve so the nail is not such a blunt square shape, but slightly more feminine. Keep corners of the nail clean and sharp and wear colours that are reflected in your skin tone.

What are your top tips for at home care?

At-home care is so important to keep the momentum going between visits to the salon.  Think of it as investing in self-care and take the time to treat your nails whilst watching your favourite Netflix show and relaxing. You can push your cuticles back when your skin is soft and soapy in the shower or bathtub, just use your thumb nail to gently pushback the cuticle at the base of the nail plate.  And make sure you apply an oil to your cuticles at night before bed, to repair overnight whilst you sleep.

How do you get the most out of your manicure/pedicure? What are your top tips for at-home manicures?

The best advice I always give my clients is that a manicure or pedicure is only as good as the time and effort that goes into the preparation and protection. It is crucial to prepare the nail bed with a great exfoliant and groom the cuticles beforehand. A base coat is just like painting a house, it’s the foundation for the end result and when done well (i.e. with quality product that treats the nail at the same time), will give you a much better lasting effect on the finished job. Use a topcoat that is durable, and chip resistant to ensure you get up to a week from your home manicure. Another tip is to reapply the top coat every second day to stretch out the manicure lasting power. Always wear gloves when doing the dishes. 

What are the treatments you offer at your salon?

We offer a host of signature treatments that are bespoke to individual nail preferences. A favourite is the Naked Manicure, which is all about nail health and glowing natural nails. Jocelyn Petroni is the only official Chanel nail polish stockist in the world, outside of Chanel. We are able to offer clients a Chanel Manicure with the latest colour trends off the runway. Another signature is the custom-blend manicure, whereby our therapists combine two polish colours to create a unique nude colour that perfectly matches your individual skin tone.

Your best expert tips/favourite products/all-time favourite lacquer shade?Ballerina by Chanel is my favourite classic nail 

Words by Toni Hynes for WHO Magazine


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