Created specifically to cater to our valued male clients, the Tailored Men’s Facial is a results-driven treatment that tends to the ecosystem of the skin. A highly trained dermal therapist will provide a personalised assessment of your skin, using this diagnostic analysis to inform a bespoke treatment tailored to your needs. Your individual skin type, concerns and personal preferences will be integrated into a custom treatment designed to soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin while simultaneously relieving tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders.



 Phase 1. Your stresses begin to disappear as you enter an impressive treatment room with high vaulted ceilings. Your treatment begins with a consultation, where your skin therapist discusses your specific concerns and personal preferences before tailoring a bespoke treatment around this.

Phase 2. Comfortably tucked into a contoured treatment bed, your treatment begins with a thorough double cleanse of the skin to remove all debris and traces of the day. A lymphatic drainage massage oxygenates the skin while stimulating blood flow.

Phase 3. Your skin is buffed smooth through exfoliation to encourage cellular turnover. The surface of your skin is resurfaced through a lactic acid solution. Your skin is now retextured and ready to absorb antioxidants.

Phase 4. Pores are gently encouraged to open up under warm steam and are meticulously decongested by your skin therapist. This expert and virtually pain-free extraction process removes blackheads, congestion and other forms of build-up deep within the pores.

Phase 5. The skin is infused with active ingredients and vitamins, which are expertly delivered into target skin cell layers via in-clinic devices such as the Sono Boost sonophoresis machine. We curate serums and ampules with small molecular structures to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

Phase 6. Your thoroughly cleansed skin is toned and deeply relaxed with a firm face, neck and scalp massage to stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage and detoxify deep muscle tissue. A mask is applied to target your individual concerns such as dehydration, congestion/acne or redness.



All Jocelyn Petroni staff are highly qualified dermal therapists who have been trained at esteemed institutions locally and abroad. Every six months they undergo additional training led by Jocelyn Petroni herself in order to stay abreast of new developments in skin health and technologies. In addition to these credentials, all of our skin therapists undergo the rigorous two-year process to become qualified Reiki Masters. This unparalleled focus on care, healing and spirituality allows Jocelyn Petroni to proudly offer a unique and Australian-exclusive approach to beauty.


No two skins are alike, and what your skin needs on one day may vary to the next. As such, your skin therapist will select products for use in your facial based on your skin consultation. We have developed ongoing relationships with world-leading skincare brands and handpick products from across their ranges to provide an entirely personalised approach.


 I’ve never had a facial, what can I expect? 

You’ll immediately feel relaxed in the company of your highly trained dermal therapist. Beginning with a consultation to understand your skin type and concerns, the treatment will thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate and treat your skin. It will also include a relaxing massage to relieve stress and tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders.

I have a beard, do I need to shave before my facial? 

No, you do not need to remove your facial hair. Your expert skin therapist will cleanse and exfoliate the beard area to rejuvenate the skin and remove any build-up of dead skin cells – no beard is too thick!

How do I know if the Tailored Men’s Facial is for me? 

Designed to achieve noticeable results, the Tailored Men’s Facial is for anyone wanting to improve their skin health. Suitable for all skin types and aimed at targeting a wide array of skin concerns, our skin therapists tailor the treatment plan, techniques and products to your individual skin type. 

If you have any more questions about the Tailored Men’s Facial, one of our friendly staff would be happy to help at or 02 9363 3662.


60 minute treatment / $330 

Add Omnilux LED Booster / $65



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