My Cosmelan Journey

Follow me on my nine day journey to glowing, beautiful skin, with Cosmelan.

The Cosmelan treatment is a time commitment: the treatment mask remains on the skin for 8-10 hours after application followed by a five day healing process, however the results are unparalleled! Able to treat all forms of pigmentation, including melasma, hyper-pigmentation, pregnancy pigmentaion, sun damage and acne, the Cosmelen Treatment is an an active 2-phase peel that reveals a brightened complexion, even skin tone and improved appearance of dark spots and wrinkles.

Day One

The peel is applied and left to permeate the skin for 10 hours. This produces the removal of the melanin deposits of the skin, as well as its renewal capacity. Once the peel is removed, my face is extremely warm, and feels a bit like a sunburn.


Day Two

I've woken to extremely red skin that looks like a severe sunburn. The effect is lessened with the application of foundation, but still noticeable - I recommend booking a Cosmelan Treatment when you have 48 hours without events or important meetings.


Day Three

My skin is still showing some signs of redness and is also starting to peel. It feels quite tight, however a light layer of foundation does combat the redness.


Day Four

Much like day three, the redness and peeling continues. My face is starting to feel less tight. By day five, I'm starting to see a noticeable reduction in the redness and the peeling.


Day Nine

My skin is luminous! With and without light make-up my complexion is the clearest it has ever been and any dark spots and blemishes have disappeared. My skin feels smoother, and my skin tone appears more even.


If you have an important event or celebration, a Cosmelan Treatment two months prior is perfect for beautiful, glowing and youthful skin on the day, in the lead up and following.

Contact the salon if you have any questions, or learn more and book an appointment here.


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