The Secret RF Micro Needling

“The Secret” RF micro-needling is designed to refresh and revitalise the skin through collagen and elastin regeneration. RF (Radio Frequency) energy is delivered into the dermis via the focused tip of gold micro-pins, correcting complexions and delaying visible signs of ageing. This treatment is ideal for treating multiple skin concerns with minimal downtime and maximum results.


The combination of RF technology with patented gold micro-needles has a greater capacity to stimulate new collagen and is highly effective in remodelling the skin at all levels.

Surface rejuvenation such as pores, fine lines and pigmentation can be treated at the same time as deeper collagen re-modellng for anti-ageing or scar revision.

This highly-controlled distribution of energy helps to minimise discomfort, maximise dermal coagulation, and optimise recovery times compared to other skin needling devices. 


Your treatment will begin with a thorough consultation utilising our diagnostic skin scanning machine. Both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin are photographed to offer further understanding of the needs of your skin. Your highly trained Dermal Therapist will analyse the results and determine what customised setting will achieve the best results.

The skin is cleansed to remove any surface debris and purified in preparation for the micro-needling. After the numbing cream has taken effect, the micro-needling will begin. Your therapist will map out what settings are needed for different concerns across your face.

25-64 gold micro-needles will be comfortably stamped across the skin, issuing a charge of RF energy that feels like a light prickling sensation. Once completed the open micro channels in the skin are infused with HA Densimatrix over which a Crystal Fibre Mask is layered to enhance the cell renewal process. 

After a deeply satisfying scalp massage, the fibre mask is removed and a potent anti-oxidant balm is applied to seal and protect the treated skin for the rest of the day.



OMNILUX White light - $65

Omnilux Plus™ transmits infra-red (invisible light) which is the most deeply penetrating of all the Omnilux wavelengths of light. Working indirectly through cell membrane absorption to stimulate complex cellular processes that result in increased collagen, elastin and growth factor production to treat the visible signs of photodamage and stimulate cellular repair mechanisms essential in the wound healing process.



HA Densimatrix - A complex which combines cross-linked, high weight, middle weight, and low weight hyaluronic acid. Designed to promote collagen and elastin synthesis to provide firmness and elasticity to tissues and correct wrinkles. Indicated for all types of skin.

Crystal Fibre Mask – Platinum powder, seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid.


Is this treatment painful?
This treatment does have an active sensation on the skin; however it is very tolerable

Is there any downtime?
Your skin will be flushed and warm directly afterwards. This will dissipate and calm down within a few hours post treatment. You may experience light peeling known as “micro-shedding” one to two days later.

How many treatments do I need before seeing results?
We recommend a series of 3-5 treatments consecutively.


60 minute treatment:

Face $680

Neck $200

Décolletage: $200

Back of Hands $200

Spot Treatment: $250 (crows feet / frown lines / nasolabial folds) 

RF Skin Package x 5 Treatments = $3000.00 



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