NeoSculpt Facial
NeoLifting® transcends conventional beauty treatments, emerging as a holistic transformation that goes beyond surface-level enhancements. This revolutionary technique is an artful blend of science and mindfulness, reshaping not only your physical features but also nurturing your psycho-emotional well-being. The essence of NeoLifting® lies in its unique approach to facial rejuvenation, where the intricate manipulation of facial muscles acts as a gateway to a renewed sense of self. By harmonizing with the natural contours of your face, it creates a non-invasive facelift experience.



Phase 1. You enter an ethereal treatment room with six metre high vaulted ceilings and soft lighting. Nestled snugly beneath the featherlike linen covers of a contoured treatment bed, your treatment begins with a thorough and loving double cleanse to remove all debris and traces of the day. 

Phase 2. The session begins with a focus on relaxation and mindfulness. You are guided through mindful breathing exercises, setting the tone for a serene and calming experience. The therapist delicately starts manipulating facial muscles, both on the surface and within the oral cavity. Techniques are applied to target areas with attention to muscle dynamics, working to tone and rejuvenate without the need for invasive measures. 

Phase 3. As the treatment progresses, you may sense the artful sculpting of your facial features, The therapist works to define cheekbones, contour the facial oval, and address specific concerns, creating a harmonious and natural transformation. 

Phase 4. Mindful breathing techniques continue to be integrated throughout the session, enhancing relaxation and contributing to the effectiveness of the treatment. The synergy of muscle manipulation and mindful breathing creates a holistic experience that resonates beyond the surface. 

Phase 5. As the session nears completion, the therapist ensures you are comfortable and discusses any post-treatment recommendations for optimal results. You leave the session feeling not only physically rejuvenated but also with a heightened sense of inner balance and well-being.



All Jocelyn Petroni staff are highly qualified dermal therapists who have been trained at esteemed institutions locally and abroad.What sets NeoLifting® apart is the profound understanding of facial muscle dynamics. Our therapists delve beneath the surface, working both externally and internally, employing mindful breathing techniques and efficient manual lymphatic drainage. This comprehensive approach ensures that the transformation extends beyond mere aesthetics, influencing the nervous system and inducing a positive shift in your psycho-emotional state.



Our therapist, will curate a unique blend of natural oils, expertly chosen to harmonise with your skin's needs and your personal preferences. Imagine the sensation of these precious oils being delicately applied to your skin, each drop infused with the power to revitalise, rejuvenate, and leave you with a radiant glow.



How do I know if the Neo Sculpt  is for me? 

This treatment is suitable for most people who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin and reduce signs of aging. It is especially beneficial for those with sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles

Is it painful? 

No, this facial massage should not be painful. The therapist will use gentle techniques to massage the facial muscles, ensuring that the experience is comfortable and relaxing

Is there any downtime?

Neo sculpt is a safe and non-invasive technique that typically does not have any side effects. However, some people may experience slight redness or soreness in the face after the massage, but this typically resolves within a few hours.

If you have any more questions about the NeoSculpt facial, one of our friendly staff would be happy to help at or 02 9363 3662.

105 minute treatment / $520



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