The JP Skin Journey

The JP Skin Journey is a tailored and personalised skin strategy focussed on visible and long-term results, with each treatment building on the last. Our expertly trained dermal therapists will evaluate your skin type and accommodate your goals to curate a bespoke treatment plan of Heart Chakra facials designed to awaken your inner luminosity and improve skin health. 

Weaving tangible results into a luxurious sensory experience, the JP Skin Journey traverses across four levels of Heart Chakra facial treatments. This cumulative approach allows us to gradually increase the intensity of methodologies and active ingredients at each stage of your journey for optimum results, while ensuring every treatment is bespoke to you. 

In each Heart Chakra treatment, tension is released from the neck, shoulders and décolletage with our signature Heart Chakra massage attentively performed at a slow, rhythmic pace. A facial experience like no other, we draw upon a unique melange of French facial techniques, Eastern therapies, cutting-edge technologies and healing Reiki energy to uplift not just the complexion, but the spirits.



 Phase 1. You enter an ethereal treatment room with high vaulted ceilings and soft lighting. Your treatment begins with a consultation, where your skin therapist discusses your specific concerns and personal preferences before tailoring a bespoke treatment around this.

Phase 2. Nestled snugly beneath the featherlike linen covers of a contoured treatment bed, your facial begins with a thorough and loving double cleanse to remove all debris and traces of the day. A lymphatic drainage massage oxygenates the skin while stimulating blood flow and collagen production.

Phase 3. Your skin is carefully exfoliated to reveal new levels of radiance. The surface of your skin is delicately resurfaced, whether through a chemical exfoliating solution, granular scrub, enzyme peel or microdermabrasion. Your skin is now retextured, smooth and perfectly primed to absorb antioxidants.

Phase 4. Pores are gently encouraged to open up under warm steam and are meticulously decongested by your skin therapist. This expert extraction process removes blackheads, congestion and other forms of build-up deep within the pores.

Phase 5. The skin is infused with active ingredients and vitamins, which are expertly delivered into target skin cell layers via in-clinic devices such as the Sono Boost sonophoresis machine. We curate serums and ampules with small molecular structures to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin. Depending on your level of treatment, we may also apply a double peel or draw on the Hydrabrasion machine to polish and refine the skin.

Phase 6. Your purified skin is nourished and nurtured with a decadently hydrating mask infused with vitamins and minerals, which are massaged into the skin to increase their efficacy. You are treated to our signature Heart Chakra Massage across the neck and décolletage. Infused with Reiki healing energy and bringing together ancient European and Shiatsu techniques, this rhythmic massage performed at your desired pressure promotes rest and relaxation while also oxygenating the surface of the skin for a clarified visage. The front and back of the body are massaged simultaneously in a unique technique that Jocelyn has developed from her travels around the world. Heavily inspired by Hawaiian massage, attention is directed to the area around the heart to open and release this energy channel, along with getting into knots and tension in the neck and shoulders. An intimate massage treatment, it also incorporates lymphatic drainage to clear excess toxins. Truly holistic in its approach, tension is dissolved and the skin is left luminous.



LEVEL ONE: Your JP Skin Journey begins at Level One with an initial skin consultation and the Signature Heart Chakra Facial. Our highly trained therapists assess your skin, determining a personalised approach in achieving a youthful, healthy glow. The complexion appears instantly illuminated and visibly rejuvenated with no downtime. Please note all first time clients start at Level One.


LEVEL TWO: This stage introduces the Heart Chakra Prescription Facial, a concentrated facial drawing on a more intensive ingredient combination. It includes more targeted treatments such as deep cleansing, advanced peels, invigorating vitamin infusions and skin-specific masks.


LEVEL THREE: The Heart Chakra Prescription Plus Facial harnesses concentrated actives and advanced exfoliation techniques (including diamond tip microdermabrasion and hydrating hydrabrasion), increasing the intensity of previous treatments to achieve deeper results. Level Three may also include peels and vitamin infusion.


LEVEL FOUR: Reaching Level Four of the JP Skin Journey reveals your most elite skin. Fusing science and skincare, it’s the pinnacle of our offering. We have worked with doctors to combine the best machines on the market with bespoke massage techniques. This unique approach, the first of its kind in Australia, lowers cortisol levels and heals the skin at a cellular level. A true art form mastered by our experienced skin therapists, Level Four utilises a sophisticated layering of peels and multiple modality treatments to achieve intense rejuvenation and ongoing results.


LEVEL FIVE: An elevated Level 5 Heart Chakra Facial incorporates micro- needling, a natural process that stimulates the body's own repair and renewal process to create collagen. Rids unwanted lines and wrinkles, helps to treat blemishes and fade pigment. 





All Jocelyn Petroni staff are highly qualified dermal therapists who have been trained at esteemed institutions locally and abroad. Every six months they undergo additional training led by Jocelyn Petroni herself in order to stay abreast of new developments in skin health and technologies. In addition to these credentials, all of our skin therapists undergo the rigorous two-year process to become qualified Reiki Masters. This unparalleled focus on care, healing and spirituality allows Jocelyn Petroni to proudly offer a unique and Australian-exclusive approach to beauty.



No two skins are alike, and what your skin needs on one day may vary to the next. As such, your skin therapist will select products for use in your facial based on your skin consultation. We have developed ongoing relationships with world-leading skincare brands and handpick products from across their ranges to provide an entirely personalised approach.


 How do I know if the JP Skin Journey is for me? 

Designed to achieve lasting and long-term results, the JP Skin Journey is for anyone wanting to improve their skin health. Suitable for all skin types and aimed at targeting a wide array of skin concerns, our dermal specialists tailor the treatment plan, techniques and products to your individual skin type. 

How often should I have a Heart Chakra facial? 

We recommend having a Heart Chakra facial every four to six weeks for beautifully healthy skin, complemented by an at-home skincare routine for optimal results. The JP Skin Journey is not always linear; you may find your skin requires two or more treatments at a particular level before moving onto the next phase.

Is there any downtime?

For Level One and Level Two facials, the skin may be slightly rosy for up to two hours afterwards. This is nothing to worry about and is simply the result of increased blood circulation from facial massage. After Level Three and Level Four facials, the skin may be flushed for a short period and may visibly peel 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

How is Reiki healing incorporated into the JP Skin Journey?

All of our skin therapists are qualified Reiki masters or are currently undergoing the four-year process to become qualified Reiki masters. Healing Reiki energy is infused throughout your unique facial to lower cortisol and induce a state of calm. 

If you have any more questions about the JP Skin Journey, one of our friendly staff would be happy to help at or 02 9363 3662.

Level 0ne: 60 minute treatment / $330

Level Two: 60 minute treatment / $360

Level Three: 60 minute treatment / $390

Level Four: 60 minute treatment / $420

Level Five: 60 minute treatment / $520


Add Omnilux LED Booster or 3 Phase Vitamin Infusion to any level / $70




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