Festive Skin Recovery

After weeks of indulging and socialising, our skin might need a little extra TLC… For an instant boost, I like to apply an ice face mask which stimulates circulation and removes toxins, or a chilled Aloe Vera mask if I’ve enjoyed a little too much sun.

When I have more time available, I support my festive skin recovery with an at-home facial:

1. Always start with washing hands and a thorough double cleanse. The first cleanse removes surface debris, while the second cleanse reaches and cleans the pores.


 sodashi face polish


2. Follow with 3 minute exfoliation to slough away dead skin, build up of make-up and let the skin breathe. I’m currently loving the Sodashi Enzyme Face Polish, a triple glow activator with pomegranate enzyme and sweet orange to decongest, brighten and clarify.


applying face mask

3. A 20 minute mask, ideally applied in the bath: the steam softens the skin for the ingredients to reach their target cells. Dry skin will benefit from a moisturising mask to hydrate, while oily skin will benefit from a clay-based mask to draw out excess oil. Mesoestetic create an Anti-Stress Mask which is ideal for all skin types. An intensive mask that soothes and relieves redden and sensitive skins.


holding glass of water

4. Increase water intake and vitamins with a marine collagen from @vidaglow or hydralyte additive, and sip on a healing, soothing and hydrating Skin Tisane created for beautiful skin (over ice).


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