Come Away With Me

Join me on Kokomo Island. It was our first overseas trip as a family and what a pleasure it was to unwind and take some time to recuperate. It's fair to say we adjusted to Island Time, where nothing was hurried and schedules were relaxed. After only a few days I felt rested, rejuvenated and reconnected, and it reminded me how important it is to switch off and take time for myself and my family.


Of course, I packed my skincare essentials and maintained my daily routine (albeit a simplified version). The products I swear by are prescribed for my specific skin concerns and unique skin composition, but the method of application is more consistent for everyone, so I’ll share it here...



1/ DOUBLE CLEANSE. Always double cleanse and remove with a face washer. This will physically remove cleanser residue that would otherwise remain on the skin’s surface.

2/ HYDRATE. I love Mesoesoteric’s HA densamatrix which contains high weight, middle weight and low weight hyaluronic acid molecules for a deeper, longer lasting hydration. Shop it here.

3/ TREAT your skin’s unique concerns. I’m applying La Mer's luxurious Lifting and Firming mask as my daily moisturiser to infuse my skin with serum-strength sculpting power, helping my skin to feel firmer.

4/ PROTECT. If you’re going out into a full sun day, protect your skin with a heavy duty sunscreen. I like to use a classic traditional zinc stick when swimming in the ocean for real staying power and complete sun protection. Sunscreen needs to be ample to be able to provide the specified sun barrier, otherwise you are wasting your time.

5/ NAILS. Don’t forget to treat your nails, @fedua_australia Apricot oil is my current favourite nourishing oil for everyday repair and strengthening.


My gratitude knows no limits for the perfect time I enjoyed with my family in such breathtaking beauty. With day-to-day schedules out of the way, we were free to spend the entire day with one another, playing, talking, dancing, swimming and connecting.

To say this trip was ‘special' is an understatement...



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