The Founder's Facial

The Founder's Facial centres on connection and the highest level of expertise, lovingly performed by Founding Director and qualified Reiki master, Jocelyn Petroni.

Highly specialised, the Founder's Facial honours the individuality of the skin with an expertly tailored, bespoke treatment. Combining modern technology and a results-based curation of natural skincare with Jocelyn’s unrivalled knowledge and genuine loving touch, the Founder's Facial holistically treats the skin and soul.

Born from Jocelyn’s genuine passion for connection and love of performing mindful, meditative facials, the Founder's Facial goes beyond the surface to deliver a truly immersive experience with Australia’s leading premium beauty expert.


The Founder's Facial begins with a thorough and honest skin consultation with skin health and beauty expert, Jocelyn Petroni; identifying skin concerns and developing a highly personalised, results-led treatment plan. A signature massage technique developed by Jocelyn and exclusive to the Jocelyn Petroni salon lowers cortisol levels in the skin and promotes accelerated healing from any active ingredients and exfoliants.

Drawing on powerful ingredients and artful massage, Jocelyn will guide you through a multi-sensory treatment experience, to leave you feeling centred, enlightened and beautiful from the inside-out.


Founding Director of her eponymous salon, Jocelyn Petroni has cultivated a reputation for her expert knowledge and undeniable passion for skin and nail health. Drawing on over 22 years of industry experience as well as a global education and qualifications in shiatsu, lymphatic and European massage, Jocelyn weaves together a unique blend of loving-touch and science-led technology for a holistic approach to beauty.

“I truly believe that skin health and beauty are symbiotic, that body and soul are inextricably linked. While performing facials I actively enter a state of mindful meditation which permeates the room and infuses the treatment with genuine love - intensifying the results from the topical product and tailored massage”.

Jocelyn’s dedication to innovative skincare has nurtured a community of local and international clients, including Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Victoria Lee, Delta Goodrum, Megan Gale, Rita Ora and Isla Fischer.


The Founder's Facial is a bespoke treatment tailored exclusively for each client, including a range of modality treatments, active ingredients and modern technologies


from $600 for 75 minute treatment



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