Nurture the skin when the mercury rises with our limited edition Summer Sculpt Facial. Utilising invigorating cold therapy and sculpting facial massage techniques, this restorative treatment reveals an instantly radiant and lifted complexion. Highly concentrated plant-based stem cell extracts are lovingly infused into the face, neck and décolletage to repair damage and protect against environmental aggressors. Cooling, soothing and calming, the Summer Sculpt Facial is the ultimate naturally active remedy to care for skin in the warmer months. You'll notice a refreshed complexion, reduced redness and more defined cheekbones.



Phase 1. You enter an ethereal treatment room with six metre high vaulted ceilings and soft lighting. Nestled snugly beneath the featherlike linen covers of a contoured treatment bed, your facial begins with a nourishing double cleanse to remove makeup, sunscreen and daily debris.

Phase 2. Your skin is gently resurfaced with a glycolic acid exfoliant solution. This deeply cleans the pores to remove congestion and build-up, while simultaneously preparing the skin for all the wonderful active ingredients that are to follow.

Phase 3. Two independent 3D nanofiber masks are applied to the face and neck, creating an occlusive barrier which provides optimal absorption of potent plant stem cell extracts, vitamin C, vitamin E and cooling aloe vera.

Phase 4. The cryo facial massage begins, using two cooled stainless steel wands to depuff, calm redness, stimulate the facial muscles and soothe breakouts. The face appears instantly more defined. 

Phase 5. The skin is infused with active ingredients and vitamins, which are expertly delivered into target skin cell layers via in-clinic devices such as the Sono Boost sonophoresis machine. We curate serums and ampules with small molecular structures to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.

Phase 6. The treatment is finished with a hydrating mist and lightweight but nourishing moisturiser to seal in those active ingredients. You're left with rehydrated skin that reveals a lit-from-within glow.



All Jocelyn Petroni staff are highly qualified dermal therapists who have been trained at esteemed institutions locally and abroad. Every six months they undergo additional training led by Jocelyn Petroni herself in order to stay abreast of new developments in skin health and technologies. In addition to these credentials, all of our skin therapists undergo the rigorous two-year process to become qualified Reiki Masters. This unparalleled focus on care, healing and spirituality allows Jocelyn Petroni to proudly offer a unique and Australian-exclusive approach to beauty.



Marrying scientific research with pharmaceutical-grade botanicals, iS Clinical is setting new standards in skincare innovation. These clinical products are informed by traditional botanical medicine and underpinned by an evidence-based approach. The Summer Sculpt Facial heroes a curation of iS Clinical products, which we’ve selected for their hydrating properties.



How do I know if the Summer Sculpt Facial is for me? 

Summer’s heat and humidity can rob the skin of its natural oils, leading to irritation and dryness. The pores may also become congested due to increased perspiration. The Summer Sculpt Facial is suitable for all skin types and is a lovely seasonal addition for anyone wanting to soothe, calm and clarify the complexion.

Is there any downtime?

The skin may be slightly rosy for up to two hours afterwards. This is nothing to worry about and is simply the result of increased blood circulation from facial massage.

I’ve never had a cryotherapy facial. What can I expect?

Cryotherapy means cold therapy. This invigorating technique has incredible anti-inflammatory benefits, providing an instant cooling and firming effect. We use special stainless steel wands to massage the face, which feels very calming and relaxing in the warmer months.

If you have any more questions about the Summer Sculpt Facial, one of our friendly staff would be happy to help at or 02 9363 3662.

60 minute treatment / $360



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