The Custom-Blend Manicure

The ultimate in personalised nail treatments, the Custom-Blend Manicure is a technique created by Jocelyn Petroni that combines two polish colours to create a unique nude colour that perfectly matches your individual skin tone.

The Custom-Blend Manicure includes an extensive colour consultation with our nail artisan to create your own custom colour, designed with your perfect opacity, transparency and nail requirements in mind.


Experience an exclusive Jocelyn Petroni technique involving applying super thin layers of polish over each other to create your perfect nude hue or desired colour requirements.

Incorporates specifically crafted nail prepping and painting techniques for longer lasting results, with clients reporting manicures that last up to two weeks.

Treatment includes replenishing hand cream application and firm hand and arm massage to finish, using European, Shiatsu and Reiki massage techniques.


Creative Nail Design (CND) Solar Speed Spray – Jojoba Seed Oil – penetrates easily to nourish and condition nails.


How Often Should I get a Manicure?
We would recommend having fortnightly manicures for beautiful nails.

What is the right shape for my nail?
Your expert beauty artisan will consult with you on the best shape for your nails, based on your nail health and colour choice.

How do I extend the life of my manicure?
We recommend applying a thin top coat every 2 days to the nail to extend the life of your manicure.


$130 for 60 minute treatment.



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