The Naked Pedicure

A world class treatment that strengthens and conditions nails long term, The Naked Pedicure is designed to celebrate beautiful nails.

The treatment is aimed at repairing all types of nail damage, including a keratin nail treatment with a ‘miracle shine’ gloss to finish.


The perfect solution to chipped and flaking nails, the Naked Pedicure is a must for those who have had long term use of acrylics, gels and powder polishes.

Nails are left with a breathable high-shine glassy finish that does not include polish.

Regrow and repair the nail to make it stronger, with a meticulously attentive treatment that focuses on optimum, beautiful nails.

Treatment includes a replenishing foot cream application and firm foot and calf massage to finish, using European, Shiatsu and Reiki massage techniques.


Gentle Rose Soap – Rose – The water and soap will soften cuticles but will also loosen dead skin, dirt and dust left over from day to day life activities.

CND Boomerang Buffer 180/180 Grit CND is a 4000-grit/slick shiny surface dual-sided padded buffer for finishing enhancements and natural nails. Two-sided buffer brings nails to a glossy shine without oils or top coat.


How often do you recommend the Naked Pedicure?
To achieve optimal nail health, we recommend at least one Naked Pedicure per year, to let the nails completely repair and regenerate.

How early should I prep my nails for a major event?
We would recommend commencing a course of Naked Pedicures six months prior, to ensure your expert beauty therapist can work to create the most healthy, beautiful nails possible.

How can I extend the health of my nails at home?
Speak to our beauty artisans for a personalised nail health program. A great place to start is applying a cuticle oil overnight for intensive results that prevents splitting, breaking and hardening.


$130 for 60 minute treatment.



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