The JP Skin Journey

The JP Skin Journey is an expertly tailored, personalised skin strategy focussed on creating visible and long-term results, with each treatment building on the last. 


The Jocelyn Petroni team provide a bespoke facial experience for each client, with a focus on results based treatments that perfect the skin. At the forefront of the beauty industry, the Jocelyn Petroni team have carefully curated a host of products to ensure healthy, glowing skin. Results based, natural skincare ranges from Bioderma, Ultraceuticals, Shemana and Priori, are custom blended to infuse the skin with the best active ingredients.

The JP Skin Journey is not always linear, and clients may find their skin requires two or more treatments at a particular level.

At every level, tension is released from the neck, shoulders and chest with the signature Heart Chakra Massage at a slow rhythmic pace, while healing Reiki energy is infused throughout the treatment to lower cortisol and induce a state of calm. Purified skin is nourished and nurtured with a facial massage and hydration mask to intensify circulation and collagen production for healthy, glowing skin.


Level One

Every JP Skin Journey begins at Level One with an initial skin consultation and the Signature Heart Chakra Facial. Our highly trained therapists assess the skin, determining a personalised and curated ingredient list to achieve a thorough and attentive skin treatment that delivers youthful, healthy skin that glows from within.

Level Two

Level Two introduces the Heart Chakra Prescription Facial, a concentrated treatment drawing on an intensive ingredient combination. Level Two may include a deep cleansing and hydrating Advanced AHA Peel, an invigorating Vitamin Infusion or a deeply nourishing, skin-specific mask.

Level Three

Building on the tailored skin strategy, the Heart Chakra Prescription+ Facial at Level Three harnesses concentrated actives and advanced exfoliation (including diamond tip microdermabrasion and hydrating hydrabrasion), increasing the intensity of Level Two to achieve a deeper result.

Level Four

The final stage is focussed on managing and maintaining long-term skin results. The Heart Chakra Premium Facial at Level Four utilises a sophisticated layering of peels and multiple modality treatments to achieve a deeper level of rejuvenation for the skin.



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