3 Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion
A highly effective and deeply penetrating technique, the Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion uses low frequency ultrasound technology to deliver active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, accelerating absorption and delivering beautiful results. This professional-grade skin flooding technique involves layering prescription-strength ingredients to target the skin layers most receptive to those actives. The Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion can be added onto any of our facial treatments. Your dermal therapist will expertly customise three layers of ingredients specific to your skin type and concerns whether it be acne, ageing or pigmentation. This three-pronged approach begins with a concentration, followed by a serum and finished with a mask, all of which are infused into the skin using world-leading sonophoresis technology.



Phase 1. Your skin therapist discusses your specific concerns and evaluates your skin type to expertly select a complex ingredient layering system to use in the treatment.

Phase 2. Added onto any of our facial treatments, the Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion utilises low frequency ultrasound technology to saturate active ingredients into deep layers of the skin for instantly beautiful results.



All Jocelyn Petroni staff are highly qualified dermal therapists who have been trained at esteemed institutions locally and abroad. Every six months they undergo additional training led by Jocelyn Petroni herself in order to stay abreast of new developments in skin health and technologies. In addition to these credentials, all of our skin therapists undergo the rigorous two-year process to become qualified Reiki Masters. This unparalleled focus on care, healing and spirituality allows Jocelyn Petroni to proudly offer a unique and Australian-exclusive approach to beauty.



The Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion uses the latest Sono Boost sonophoresis machine to deeply infuse customised active ingredient combinations deep into the skin. Low frequency sound waves exponentially increase the penetration of these active ingredients when compared to traditional topical application. Suitable for all skin types and able to treat a wide variety of skin concerns due to the personalised nature, the result is an instantly refreshed and visibly healthier complexion.



How do I know if the Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion is for me? 

Suitable for all skin types and aimed at targeting a wide array of skin concerns, our dermal specialists tailor the ingredient layering to your specific skin type and goals.

Is there any downtime?

Completely safe, non-invasive and pain-free, this treatment does not have any downtime.

If you have any more questions about the Three Phase Skin Vitamin Infusion, one of our friendly staff would be happy to help at hello@jocelynpetroni.com or 02 9363 3662.
15 minute treatment / $70 (can be added onto any facial)



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