A Day In the Life: Georgia

Georgia adores visiting the salon and playing helper. From manning reception to developing custom manicure techniques, Georgia loves a day in the salon almost as much as our clients!

9am - Breakfast 

A quick breakfast at the desk and on to the first order of the day: salon admin

10am - The Day at a Glance

Checking the schedule for the day ahead and planning ways to welcome our VIP clients

11am - Smoko

A busy morning calls for a quick break with the Wiggles. 

12pm - Treatment Development 

Getting creative and developing her very own custom Nail Art Manicure, The Georgia. Inspired by Miro, The Georgia draws on bold, primary colours and organic shapes, rarely staying in-between the lines. 

2pm - Lunch Meeting

Georgia and I head out for a meeting over lunch at our local cafe, Luxe Woollahra.

3pm - Staff Training 

Georgia learns about the Chanel Manicure and the precision techniques for personalised shape and long-lasting, chip-free colour. 

4pm - Salon Reset

After a long day of appointments, Georgia checks and resets the treatment rooms, ready for tomorrow.


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