The Best Nail Salons In Sydney To Book A Perfect Manicure

22 JUNE 2023 | by Kirsty Thatcher

There’s nothing quite like the glossy sheen of a fresh manicure to give you a little boost, but knowing the top nail salons in Sydney can be a little trickier.
Whether you’re rocking the clean-girl aesthetic à la Kim Kardashian (read: short, neat, and neutral coloured), or funky design is more your style, the power of a good manicure should not be underestimated. Unsure where to go to give your hands (or feet) a little love?
From artists who specialise in bold designs, to spa-like experiences that tired nail beds will love, we’ve rounded up the best nail salons in Sydney.

Jocelyn Petroni

Gone are the days of harmful gels that leave your nail beds weak and brittle. For the ultimate TLC, we can’t go past Jocelyn Petroni’s ‘Naked Manicure’, which focuses on nourishing and supporting the health of your natural nails.

The Parlour Room

Arguably the biggest trend in nail care of 2023, The Parlour Room is one of few Sydney salons offering ‘BIAB’ nail treatments. BIAB (short for ‘Builder In A Bottle’) is a unique brand of gel polish designed to build on your natural nailUnlike traditional gels, however, BIAB is gentler on the natural nail because it doesn't require as much filing or drilling to prepare the nail bed. What more could you want?

Miss Betty Rose

For something a little ‘louder’, look no further than Miss Betty Rose. With a dedicated fan base of nearly 65,000, this Sydney-based artist has serviced the hands of some of the biggest celebs in the world, from Rita Ora to Dua Lipa. Where do we sign up?

Sets By Onyx

Another one for those not afraid to go bold, Sets By Onyx’s attention to detail is second to none. From the cutest Hello Kitty-inspired designs, to 3D chrome-creations, you can count on nail artist Claudia to bring pretty much whatever you desire to life.


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