jocelyn petroni - the french beauty academy expert interview

“Meditation keeps me balanced, I actually go into a meditative state while I’m giving facials. I find peaceful moments in my beautiful salon and I try to be mindful by only focusing on my task at hand, without thinking about everything else. This way I am most productive and able to give beautiful treatments.” – Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is one of Australia’s leading therapists, facialists and the official manicurist for CHANEL Australia.  A beauty artisan working on some of the worlds most famous faces and the owner of a collection of incredibly chic salons, she’s passionate about her craft and the power of touch. Her talents and bespoke facials are unparalleled, but it’s her warmth and spirit that inspires us the most.

Jocelyn follows a holistic approach to health and beauty, incorporating disciplines such as reiki and meditation into her treatments. The French Beauty Academy was lucky enough to have this beautiful spirit on campus last year and her energy is just as you would expect – warm, calming and like you have had the pleasure of knowing her a hundred years. The French Edit sat down with Jocelyn to talk beauty, building a luxury brand, being different in a highly competitive market and achieving balance. If you too are passionate about a career in beauty, this moving interview is a must-read….

As a young girl did you always dream about a career in beauty? What initial steps did you take to study (and where did you study?)
As a child I loved playing with my sisters long blonde hair and my Mum’s eyeshadow palette. When I decided to become a beauty therapist I approached all the Sydney colleges for a scholarship. Without any on offer I chose to study at the best college at the time, The Strand College of Beauty Therapy and work overtime to pay my tuition. The college enquired with the government and was granted three scholarships, I was lucky enough to be given one.

What was your motivation behind starting the Jocelyn Petroni brand and salons?
I wanted to create a salon experience that was as decadent as it is necessary.

Did you set out to be one of Australia’s top facialists when you began your beauty journey? What has been your work philosophy to get you to this point (we understand the waitlist to see you in months long!)…?
I never wanted to be better than anyone else in the beauty industry, just to be my own best. I continually learn and strive to offer a higher customer experience, which allows my Facials to continually evolve. I love what I do and I think that’s reflected in the level of service we provide.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Connecting with the client on a really personal level – the power of touch is amazing.



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