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Spa treatments can be the perfect escape from everyday life. Getting treated to a long massage or luxurious facial that makes your skin glow is a chance to relax, refocus, and do ‘nothing’ for a while, and because we know that’s what people love, many spa and salon owners are taking the concept
of ‘indulgent me-time’ to the next level by offering treatments that include several therapists working on a client’s body at once. Having two or three therapists in the room with one client is the ultimate wellness experience, allowing the client to feel four or six hands on their bodies at once.

Jeannie Bourke from Sydney based salon Venustus launches new treatments every six months. One of her recent launches is her most indulgent one yet – the Personalised Six Hand Body Massage.

“When one therapist is not enough, when one massage won’t do it, when someone really needs more than the usual massage,
it’s really sensory overload, you surrender,” Jeannie says.

The treatment begins with energy work and strategically placed heat packs. Energy work includes clearing and cleansing with sage smudging, sound bowl and singing bowl, smudging with palo santo and tibetan cymbals. The massage begins in the prone position (face-down) with the three senior staff at the feetand leg area in synchronised movements, working on the feet, calves and upper legs, releasing tension with movements, which are firm enough for relief. The back area begins with the three therapists and their layered hands working together down the back area. This area is always very firm and energetically connected. One therapist remains on the back area, while the two therapists move to the lower back and gluteus area, all three are still working in a completely flowing ritual.

“Clients say ‘that is the best massage I have ever had,’ – hard to go back to one therapist after this. They usually buy a voucher for this before they leave or after. They say they had the best night’s sleep ever, floating entire days,” Jeannie explains.

Jeannie has also just launched a treatment called ‘High Definition Bodywork’, which is
a lymphatic drainage massage including up to three therapists, two performing the massage including dry brushing, and one doing a facial gua sha treatment.

“The immediate visual
results come from activating the Lymphatic System. By stimulating the lymph nodes you begin moving the tissue, the excessive amount of water and toxins
get into the vessels, ultimately becoming lymph and eliminated. Also, the vigorous massage (contouring) increases blood circulation and assists with fat metabolism,” says Jeannie. “I’ve always trained my
staff and I’ve always designed treatments, I knew at 18 after my first facial, this is how I want to make people feel. Growing up in a family business, not beauty, you learn a great work ethic and how to keep improving, wanting always to be the best, do your best and make your clients feel great. We are huge researchers, after 30 years, we have done just about every course we love, so now work on the industry edge, with other likeminded people who design treatments.”

Another advocate of multiple- therapist treatments is Jocelyn Petroni, who is known for her indulgent facials incorporating Reiki, as well as for her flawless manis and pedis. Jocelyn recently opened a new Gallery space at her beautiful Woollahra salon, a stunning room with high ceilings and gorgeous decor, perfect for her ‘The Complete JP Experience’ treatment, which involves three therapists working together in simultaneous harmony to deliver exceptional skin and nail results.

After a thorough consultation with highly trained beauty artisans, the treatment sees one therapist performing the Prescription
Heart Chakra Facial, another the nurturing Classic Manicure and a third a meticulous pedicure.

“The treatment was created for the time poor client, who wants to receive the best treatments in an hour. Clients will receive an hour long facial, hour long manicure, and hour long pedicure, with therapists working together in a slow rhythmic pace for optimal beauty attention and unparalleled relaxation. Clients can expect skin to be clearer, smoother in texture, plump, hydrated and nourished, with photoshoot ready nails,” Jocelyn explains.

Of course, it takes special training for a therapist to be able to master the ‘choreography’ of a treatment like that.

“All new therapists to Jocelyn Petroni take part in a 1-month intensive in-house training program,

before working with our fabulous clients. In-house training is ongoing and occurs for one full day, every calendar month, to maintain quality and customer care for all our team members. Part of our training includes becoming a qualified Reiki practitioner, an officially approved Chanel polish expert and learning from the industry’s top experts. We are constantly learningand evolving our treatments
and techniques to maintain our reputation and feed our passion.”

Hotel spas see a lot of jetlagged, stressed out guests pass through their doors, so an ultra- relaxing 4-hand massage makes sense as part of their offering. Hilton’s Day Spa Consultant, Alfonso Arias, says it takes some practice for therapists to perform a multi-hand massage.

“A rhythmic awareness between the two therapists is required and practise is needed. It’s about who does what and when with a rhythm that is not mechanical. Our aim is for the client to go ‘Wow!’ That’s our technical gauge,” he explains.

It’s safe to say that offering any treatment that involves more than one staff is a special treat for clients. It’s indulgent, and makes people feel special and cared for – which is exactly what you should want to achieve at your spa.

Words by Nadine Dilong for Spa & Clinic


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