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Up your grooming game with these skin saviours.

Does your skincare regimen consist of whatever you swipe from your partner’s vanity? This one’s for you.

To keep your skin in top shape, skincare expert Jocelyn Petroni recommends a brush-up on the basics. “Male skin is about 25 per cent thicker than women’s skin and it’s tighter, firmer and contains more collagen,” she says. 

It also has more sebaceous glands, making it oilier and generally slower to age. But it needs to be cleansed and moisturised daily, much like women’s.”

If you’re not ready to explore a ive ingredients or end signi cant time on skin prep, art by washing o the day – always. “Cleanser removes debris and residue from the skin’s surface. It also stimulates natural shedding to reveal fresh, radiant skin cells,” explains Petroni.

From face wash to moisturiser, skin serum to a bespoke facial, add these products to your cart.

jocelyn petroni - mr jones - spring eternal

Words by Hayley D’Onofrio for Mr Jones Magazine


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