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Can you share a few of your
top tips for good nail health?
I always follow an inside-out approach when it comes to nail health. The rst place to start is with your diet. A key mineral is silicium, which is like ‘cell cement’ and helps nails grow faster and be more resistant. It’s found in vegetables, in particular garlic and onions. Externally, it’s important to care for your nails by having regular manicures. I advise my clients to use an at-home nail strengthening product as required, plus to generally ‘feed’ the nail with quality products that help to supplement your care topically. Take care to protect nails through a topical protector or by using gloves when using water or detergents.

What’s the most common
nail complaint you see?
Nail strength, which we see in so many different nail problems like flaking, peeling, splitting and brittle nails. Many clients come in and have been using synthetic nail treatments for so long, and they’re left with so and peeling nails. Nails need topical conditioning, to counteract dryness and increase nail elasticity. I love Mavala’s Nailactan ($31.95).

What are your thoughts on gel, SNS, shellac and acrylic manicures?
I think there is a time and place for synthetic nail treatments, as I understand that people enjoy the finish and longevity they offer. However, I would advise to use these treatments with caution, and only ever intermittently. For example, some nail polishes in particular gel ones are non-porous. This can occlude the nail, suffocating it from air flow. This can result in a weaker, so er nail. Fungal infections can also develop between acrylic nails and the nail bed.

What can you do about brittle nails?
Brittle nails usually lack sheen, elasticity and have a low resistance to impact. Usually this is an indicator of insufficient nutrients in the diet. Vitamins A, B, C, D and E are the most important for the nails, plus minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

What are your thoughts on acetone?
Acetone is the most efficient ingredient to remove nail polish swifly. So long as your nails are only exposed to acetone for short periods of time, then acetone is perfectly safe for the nails.

Words by Donna Duggan for MINDFOOD Magazine


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