jocelyn petroni - marie claire - power facials

jocelyn petroni - marie claire - power facials

jocelyn petroni - marie claire - power facials

The Treatment
Microdermabrasion Radiance Facial

WHAT IT’S GREAT FOR Boosting lymph circulation as well as collagen production to improve texture, tone and radiance. This treatment also deeply cleans and exfoliates the skin.

WHAT HAPPENS Your facialist runs a medical-grade microdermabrasion tool across the face twice to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells. Exfoliation allows the application of vitamin A to deeply boost collagen. Finish o with a brightening mask. Added cleansing can be included through a hydrabrasion treatment.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT IT Unlike traditional microdermabrasion, this facial infuses vitamin A to brighten skin and boost collagen production.

PAIN LEVEL The microdermabrasionis slightly abrasive and you may feel some skin heat after the second pass of the wand but the rest is blissful.

RESULTS Some skin types might come away with some pinkness but you can expect a serious glow the next day, as well as a clearer, smoother complexion.

FROM THE EXPERT “The Radiance Facial is based on the consistent results with microdermabrasion, and the desire for an advanced active facial that o ers visible [results] beyond that achieved with sophisticated home-care products,” says Jocelyn Petroni.

WHERE TO GET IT Jocelyn Petroni clinic;

PRICE $300 for 75 minutes (with hydrabrasion, add $30).

Words by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire Magazine


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