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A growing range of LED facial beauty devices are now available for use in the home, writes Annie Brown.

Theres no such thing as a miracle beauty treatment, but some are as close as they get. LED light therapy might just be one of those. Said to boost collagen production, brighten your complexion, reduce inflammation and boost your wellbeing, LED )Light emitting diode_ therapy has long been touted as something of a holy grail treatment.

While LED therapy is often added to regular facials at spas and in dermatologists’ offices, a host of new devices has brought them into the home- which makes them ideal for these isolated times.

As a beauty procedure, LED therapy is a non-invasive and works by transmitting concentrated wavelengths of light into your skin, which is then absorbed by skin cells. Essentially, it adds a bit of oomph to your skins regular cell turnover. It can help with everything from acne (and it’s resulting scars) and eczema to sen damage and pigmentation. With no downtime or pain, it’s a good starter treatment for those who’d rather see the light than go under the knife.

Sydney’s facialist Jocelyn Petroni has been a proponent of LED for more than a decade and says most of her clients will add on an LED treatment to their facial treatments. 

“They see the visible difference in their skin from upgrading an existing facial to include a light therapy treatment” she says. Petroni adds the treatment suits all skin types, but is particularly helpful to those who have dehydrated or sensitive skin, and those prone to eczema. 

“A beautiful by-product of the light is that it balances your circadian rhythm, so it’s the perfect cure for jet-lag and anyone who is tired and needs to reboot their body clock,” she says, adding that it takes about four sessions to see true results. 

Those wanting to go under the light will be back on their therapist’s table with the light machine above their face. Depending on what light is used, this will then trigger a reaction deep below the dermis. 

Amber light, for instance, stimulates collagen and elastin, as will red light ) Which will also boost circulation) and blue light is often used for nixing bacteria and acne. As a bonus, lying underneath the warm, bright light is extremely relaxing. It could even pass for a- very brief holiday. Especially right now.

While salons remain shut, home LED devices have soared in popularity. According to Adore Beauty, sales of its LightStim for Wrinkles: LED Light Therapy device were up 109 per cent in April, compared with march, and sales of the Foreo UFO 2 have increased by 1700 per cent. 

You can read the full article about these amazing LED benefits here

Words by Annie Brown for AFR, Life&Leisure


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