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My career journey: In conversation with renowned beauty artisan, Jocelyn Petroni

We caught up with Jocelyn Petroni, one of Australia’s top facialists and beauty professionals. The owner and principle beauty therapist at her acclaimed Woollahra Salon, Jocelyn has worked with some of the world’s most beautiful faces, from Miranda Kerr to Gemma Ward. Jocelyn talks about her journey through the beauty industry and why looking after yourself is essential to a prosperous career.

From the beginning

My passion for all things beauty originated in my childhood. Growing up, I would raid my mother’s beauty products and practice beauty treatments my two sisters. I especially loved to braid my sister’s long blonde hair. I also loved art and am an extremely tactile person, so becoming a beauty therapist was a natural progression for me.

Time to hit the books

I studied Beauty Therapy in 2000. After completing my diploma I went to the UK and studied in England. I was fortunate to work at numerous exquisite spas around the world before returning to Australia and teaching Beauty Therapy under Narelle Blinman. I opened my first salon in 2006 and have been building my business since.

Support is important

My family have always been incredibly supportive, especially while I was studying. At one point I even had my salon set up in my sister’s dining room. For years my parents even did the salon laundry. My Mum would deliver it to me, perfectly clean and folded with an itemised invoice from the “Happy Family Laundry Service”.

Developing a skillset

While studying, I worked at Spa Chakra, which at the time was Sydney’s best salon. Initially it was my way of supporting myself whilst studying, but it ended up teaching me just as much as I was learning in the classroom. It was an incredibly well run business with a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. To this day I still style my linen in the Jocelyn Petroni salon the way that I was taught at Spa Chakra, and I even use exactly the same treatment beds!

Building an acclaimed business

Back in 2006 I opened my first salon, renting a space above a hair salon. As well as gaining clients from the hair salon, my Mum and Dad helped me to build my clientele by doing letterbox leaflet drops throughout the suburb. My business has steadily built from there.

My advice to budding Beauty Therapists

My biggest challenge during this time was finding a balance between work and life. I am perfectionist and extremely passionate about my business and I need to be conscious to have ‘me time’ as well. Being disciplined with my time has been enormously beneficial to me, and I schedule every part of my day to within 15 minute increments. I make sure that my timetable includes space for self-nurturing, which includes exercise and pampering time, as well as an hour every day to meditate. I have practiced Tibetan Buddhism for eight years now and it is an essential part of my daily routine, which allows me to replenish so that I can give back to others, including my clients.

It comes down to one key thing: if you are passionate about what you do you will find the path to success.



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