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Have you ever invested in a new, you-beaut skincare regime, only to find it stops working after a few months? It’s not in your head; it’s a real thing.There’s a rumour on the World Wide Web that your skin gets used to products, making them less effective over time. However, that’s not quite true.Rather, your skin is constantly changing, and you need to adjust your skincare routine accordingly. “Skin is a living organ that changes regularly,” says beauty guru Jocelyn Petroni. “In fact, our cells turnover every 28 days.”

In addition to the cell turnover, our skin is also affected by “our genes, lifestyle choices and the ageing process.” According to Jocelyn, these factors mean that the skin is constantly in a state of flux. “Every time my clients come in for their regular six weekly facial, they are given a completely different facial experience, because the skin’s needs fluctuate daily.”

“I always advise my clients to monitor their skin closely and adjust needs accordingly,” Jocelyn says. However, as a lay person, it might be a little difficult to make adjustments yourself. The solution? Speak to your facialist and shake-up your skincare seasonally. “This is due to the skin being drier in the colder months and more oily and congested in the warmer months—so if you haven’t yet swapped your foaming cleanser for a milk cleanser, now is the time.”

Image: harpersbazaar.com.au
Words by Erin Cook for Harper’s Bazaar Australia


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