jocelyn petroni in gritty pretty - a beauty editor’s guide to sydney’s top facials for instantly glowing skin

As beauty editors, one of the most common questions we get asked is, “Where can I get a good facial?”.

This is asked with the intention of wanting to see a dramatic difference instantly, and we know just the places. But before we reveal all, please know that having a face after a facial that glows like one of Mariah Carey’s diamonds is fleeting. Yes, even a diamond needs polishing, which is exactly how you should think of a facial. In short, upkeep and at-home maintenance is required.

Without further ado, here are the places we consider Sydney’s best at turning up skin’s glow factor:


Treatment: Pro30, $60 for 30 minutes; or Pro60, $120 for 60 minutes.

Known for their in-depth face mapping analysis, Dermalogica offer the most dependable skin experts on short notice. As of 2018, they’ve also revamped the way they give facial treatments with their new Pro30 and Pro60 menu (the number refers to the length of the facial). Each step of your treatment is bespoke so whether you get a peel, a LED light treatment or an intensive massage is at the discretion of the expert. It simply takes out the guesswork of asking for what you think you want so the expert can give you what you need.



Treatment: The Heart Chakra Facial, $280-380 for 60 minutes (add Omnilux for $60).

Ask any beauty editor, makeup artist or model where to get the best facial in Sydney and watch them namedrop Jocelyn Petroni. Words like “transcendent” and “out of body experience” inevitably follow. It’s a big reputation, but you realise after at least two visits (the first one you might not be able to stay completely awake for) that it’s completely warranted. You get the full makeover here: deep cleanse, exfoliation, steam and extraction, mask, moisture – and while it’s soaking in, brace yourself for the most blissful, knot-removing neck, shoulder, décolletage and upper back massage you’re ever going to get with a facial anywhere. The point of difference is Petroni’s technique and all the skin artisans under her tutelage are incredibly knowledgable and expertly-trained. The facials are bespoke and use a customised mix of Bioderma, Ultraceuticals or Sodashi and the post-facial glow is ridiculously good.


jocelyn petroni in gritty pretty - a beauty editor’s guide to sydney’s top facials for instantly glowing skin


Treatment: Dermalux LED Light Therapy, $100 (or $60 added on to any facial).

There’s a lot of LED light machines out there – Omnilux, Healite, just to name the two most popular. Dermalux is another, and it’s point of difference is that it gives you all three light modalities (blue, red and white) in one hit, giving you the visible brightening and plumping effect of the white, the antibacterial effect of the blue and the healing affect of the red without having to come back a week later. Epic, right?!



Treatment: Complete Renewal Facial (O Cosmedics), $215 for 80 minutes.

Want to forget you’re in Sydney for a couple of hours and leave looking live you’ve been to a health retreat? Founder of Tribe Natural Beauty, Nicole Stubbs recommends the Complete Renewal Facial, which combines all your usual facial jazz (cleanse, exfoliation, optional steam, extraction, peel and LED light treatment) with a Hydrating Alginate Mask. The real MVP of the treatment is unlike any mask you’ve tried. It’s brushed over the entire face, even the eyes, spikes your pores with moisture and lifts off like a soft foam cast. You also get an unwinding foot, arm, neck and scalp massage. Go once and you’ll be rushing to go back.


jocelyn petroni in gritty pretty - a beauty editor’s guide to sydney’s top facials for instantly glowing skin


Treatment: Facial Sculpting, $380 for 90 minutes.

We’ve already reviewed Fumi Yamamoto’s cheekbone-enhancing, face-slimming facial here. Even with the facials we’ve had since, this one is still a standout because it’s so damn different. The focus here isn’t products, Yamamoto keeps what she uses concealed (though we spied SK-II and Equal Beauty). Instead, she pays attention to the internal and through a series of lymphatic drainage and cranial work massages, encourages the body and skin to detoxify and release. The superficial, visible effects we saw were whiter eyes, bigger eyes, a subtle pronunciation of our jaw and and cheekbones, and a healthy ‘glow’ after one treatment. It’s a lot of money to fork out, but if you can, DO IT.



Treatment: Custom Skin Health Facial, $390 for 90 minutes.

Melanie Grant has an industry reputation for results – and also fixing up skin fails made by other people.  She’s the queen of bright, glassy skin with clientele like Phoebe Tonkin, Nicole Warne and Lara Worthington to name a few. While the ultimate treatment is a bespoke clinical facial with Melanie (only go if you’re ready to invest and commit to your skin health, repeat visits may likely be required), the Custom Skin Health, Camera-Ready or Brightening facials all place strongly as contenders for total rejuvenation and brightness that’ll last more than just a day.


jocelyn petroni in gritty pretty - a beauty editor’s guide to sydney’s top facials for instantly glowing skin


Treatment: The Goddess facial $165 for 90 minutes.

There are people who are experienced and passionate about skin–and then there is Joanna Newham, Sydney’s Northern Beaches’ answer to having good skin. Newham, who approaches her treatments with honesty, integrity and with a clear message “we are all going to age, but lets age gracefully, with skin that glows through our lines and expressions”, offers seriously relaxing facials (using a mix of both organic à la Sodashi and active chemical skincare such as PRIORI, HydroPeptide and Elizabeth Arden Pro) that don’t just have you nodding off to sleep but also treat acne, rosacea, pigmentation and ageing whilst you’re in a state of pure bliss. Add an Omnilux light treatment on top of your facial and your glow will last for days. TIP: There is a seriously long wait list to see Joanna Newham so book in now to treat yourself in six months time – you’ll be thanking yourself, we promise!



Treatment: Intense Radiance facial, $140-$154 for 45 minutes or New Age Light Therapy facial, $170-$187 for 60 minutes.

For ease of access, try Endota Spa to turn up your glow in a day’s notice. Here, any facial that gives your face access to their LED light machine is what you’re after. Their device is unique in that it actually sits directly on top of your skin so there’s not light obstruction or diffusion. Go for the Intense Radiance Facial if you’re in need of a good exfoliation (it’ll literally take off the top layer of dead skin gunk) with a 10% Glycolic Peel. If you’re already on the acids at home, avoid going overboard by opting for a New Age Light Therapy facial, which features a Pure Collagen Booster Mask and the trusty LED lights.


Photography: Walter Maurice
Words by Wendy Hoang for Gritty Pretty


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