Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Meticulous manicures and precision pedicures combine with modern tools and techniques to create nail treatments that are unique and exclusive to the Jocelyn Petroni salon.

Treatments are designed to condition nails long term by bringing them back to optimal health and beauty with immediate results and longer lasting polish. Each treatment is personalised to cater to individual nail concerns, with on-on-one consultations to devise the best treatment, length and shape for your nails.

With nail prepping and painting techniques designed specifically by Founder Jocelyn Petroni for longer lasting, beautiful results, the nail treatments are renowned for their longevity and lustre. Enjoy blissful relaxation in your own private treatment room.


The Naked Manicure

A world class treatment that strengthens and conditions nails long term, the Naked Manicure is the perfect introductory nail treatment at Jocelyn Petroni. Designed to create beautiful nails, the Naked Manicure focuses on the health of the nail with no polish, just glowing natural nails.

The Clean Beauty Manicure

Jocelyn Petroni is offering a targeted “CLEAN” manicure for clients who are making decisions for their daily life that take into account a particular regard to conscious consumerism. Our clean manicure focuses on the overall health of the nail and excludes harsh ingredients that can be found in most manicure treatments. We have handpicked products and ingredients that help protect the environment as well as packaging that’s biodegradable.

The Quick Dry Manicure

This manicure is suited to the time poor client not wanting to pursue the path of gel or acrylic nails.


In 2015, Jocelyn Petroni was appointed the first official nail expert for Chanel Australia and in 2017 the Jocelyn Petroni salon became the first official Chanel polish stockist in the world, outside of Chanel. We are delighted to offer our clients the latest colour trends from the international fashion house with The Chanel Manicure.

The Custom-Blend

The ultimate in personalised nail treatments, the Custom-Blend Manicure is a technique created by Jocelyn Petroni that combines two polish colours to create a unique nude colour that perfectly matches your individual skin tone.

The Water-Less Manicure

For some nails and cuticles, a hand soak can do more damage than good. The Water-less Manicure is specifically crafted to help improve and maintain sensitive nails.

The Shellac Permanent
Polish Manicure

Experience the next generation of polish with the Shellac Permanent Polish Manicure.

The Anti Ageing Manicure

Some of the most visible signs of ageing develop first on the hands. The Anti Ageing Manicure is going to target the hand and arm. With a professional blend of Lactic acid and a personally prescribed treatment product.