Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni

Jocelyn Petroni is a multi-disciplined beauty, nail and skin therapist based in Sydney, Australia

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Jocelyn Petroni treatments are a perfect marriage of experience and efficacy. Combining classically proven methods with innovative techniques and a unique brand of holistic skin and nail artistry, the Jocelyn Petroni experience is like no other.

Experience the Jocelyn Petroni dedication to beautifully healthy skin and nails, unrivalled client care and meticulous attention to detail. Each treatment is artfully tailored to deliver exceptional skin and nail results for our clients.


Jocelyn Petroni facial treatments are a sophisticated fusion of classically proven methods, innovative techniques and a unique approach of skin care artistry to deliver superior skin results.

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Jocelyn Petroni nail treatments are internationally acclaimed as polished perfection. As the first official nail expert for CHANEL Australia, Jocelyn Petroni is renowned for a dedication to providing high quality nail results and a passion for each treatment to be the very best.

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The Jocelyn Petroni eye treatments are developed to accentuate the natural beauty of our clients. With expert attention to detail and a commitment to sophisticated client care, the Jocelyn Petroni eyebrow and eyelash treatments are a celebration of individual beauty.

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Sherine youssef

“The new Radiance and Refinement Microdermabrasion Facial did exactly that: it buffed my skin and then flooded it with moisture, leaving my face impossibly smooth and glowy.”

– Sherine Youssef, Beauty Editor

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Sigourney Cantelo

“I had my first facial with Joss over 15 years ago when I was a beauty director in magazines and she had a tiny room above a hair salon. As soon as her hands touched my face I knew she had something special. From then on I featured her in my pages whenever I got the chance and -naturally – took any opportunity I could to have a treatment with her! With Joss, it’s not just a facial, it’s a spiritual experience – she infuses every movement with meditative thought and passion. Her skincare knowledge is extensive and I always walk away loaded with tips and a plethora of new products I need to try. She’s also incredibly kind, nurturing and soulful. She loves to take care of people and give them a treasured and memorable experience.”

– Sigourney Cantelo, Founder/Editor, Beauticate

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Rachel Finch

“I’m a big believer in self love – taking time out for yourself in between crazy schedules to nurture and treasure your body. Not only is Jocelyn and her team incredible at what they do professionally, but her approach to taking care of every client on a deeper, more meaningful level is truly admired. I always leave feeling like I’m on clouds.”

– Rachel Finch, Model & TV Personality

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Victoria Lee

“I first met Jocelyn on set for a photo shoot when I was fortunate enough to receive one of her incredible manicures – I couldn’t stop staring at my nails! Jocelyn is extremely talented, not to mention the most warm and kind person. A visit to Jocelyn’s tranquil salon is heaven and an amazing experience encompassing mind, body and spirit. You will leave calm and totally refreshed. I look forward to visiting the salon every time I come home and cannot recommend Jocelyn and her talented team enough”.

– Victoria Lee, Model

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Remi Bouchenez

“Mavala is a brand with a rich heritage in nail health, care and love, always delivering targeted and effective results for bespoke nail concerns. We are honoured to be aligning with Jocelyn Petroni who shares this same philosophy and passion for personalised nail health. Together with her talented team, Jocelyn delivers meticulous manicures that combine perfectly curated colour choices whilst treating the nails at the same time, giving your manicure supreme lasting power.”

– Remi Bouchenez, Managing Director

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“Joss is my go to person to see after a long flight from Los Angeles. Every time I have a shoot my agent and clients know to book me in with her for her amazing mani and pedi and also a beautiful relaxing facial/massage. Her luxury space to her positive energy it just sends you into a blissed out coma. She saves me from Jetlag and has me looking perfect for my photo shoots! I just love her!”

– Jessica Gomes, Model, Actress & Founder of Equal Beauty

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