Zoom CND Offly Fast Moisturising Gel Remover
Zoom CND Offly Fast Moisturising Gel Remover

CND Offly Fast Moisturising Gel Remover

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Offly Fast Moisturising Remover is a professional grade nail product remover suitable for removing CND, shellac, gels, nail polish, VINYLUX®, liquid & powder, wraps, adhesives and tips from natural nails.

Offly Fast Moisturising Remover reduces dehydration of nails and surrounding skin and removes CND™ SHELLAC® 20% faster than pure acetone. 


Removal of CND, Shellac, gels and more.


Saturate a cotton pad with Offly Fast Moisturising Remover. Wrap each finger with a CND™ Foil Remover Wrap. Place wrap under the finger with the edge of the cotton pad underneath the extension edge of the nail. Fold the cotton pad over the top of the nail. Wrap the CND™ Foil Remover Wrap around the finger, ensuring a snug fit.

Squeeze the top center of the foil together to secure.

Leave the Foil Remover Wrap on the finger for 10 minutes.

Securely grip each finger and apply slight pressure to the fingernail. If necessary, gently slide off any remaining product with an orangewood stick in the direction of nail plate growth. Be careful not to scrape away the surface layers of the natural nail plate.

Rub the nail with a plastic-backed, lint-free pad saturated with Offly Fast Moisturising Remover to remove any excess residue.


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