The Water-Less Manicure

For some nails and cuticles, a hand soak can do more damage than good. The Water-less Manicure is specifically crafted to help improve and maintain sensitive nails.

Nails are soaked in a special treatment solution that penetrates the deepest cuticle layers to dissolve skin and debris. The Water-Less Manicure is a unique treatment developed by Jocelyn Petroni to offer exceptionally beautiful nails.


Cuticles are trimmed, nail plates are buffed, prepped and polished to perfection for optimal nail health.

Clients can choose from Chanel, Mavala or CND Shellac collections to finish.

Incorporates specifically crafted nail prepping and painting techniques for longer lasting results, with clients reporting manicures that last up to two weeks.

Treatment includes replenishing hand cream application and firm hand and arm massage to finish, using European, Shiatsu and Reiki massage techniques.


Blue Cross Cuticle Remover – Castic Potash – softens and dissolves cuticles and dead skin.


How do I know if this is the right treatment for my nails?
If you have thin, brittle nails the Water-Less Manicure is a perfect way to strengthen the nail bed and increase cuticle health.

How often should I have a Water-Less Manicure?
It is recommended that the Water-Less Manicure be booked every fortnight. If you are regularly receiving a different nail treatment, it is recommended arranging a Water-Less Manicure every 3 months for beautifully healthy nails.


$110 for 45 minute treatment.



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