The Firming & Toning Deep Tissue Facial

An intensive work out for your skin, The Firming and Toning Deep Tissue Facial was created to increase blood flow to relax, tone and firm the skin.

This firm pressure facial releases the muscles of the face, eyes, jaw, neck and scalp to deliver concentrated relaxation and skin rejuvenation.


Skin is instantly more plump and nourished through advanced massage techniques including shiatsu pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and deep tissue muscle release massage.

The face, muscles, bones and fascia are released to allow blood and lymphatic flow to the deepest skin cell layers, ensuring skin is nourished with oxygen rich blood and minerals for rosy, glowing skin nurtured from the inside.

The massage clears toxins and congestion from the skin’s surface, drains fluid from puffy eyes and flushes skin of congestion, caused by sweat and outdoor pollutants, for beautiful glowing skin.

Treatment includes a deep eye treatment that completely relieves eye tension and relaxes the eye socket for deep rejuvenation.


Ultraceuticals Face & Body Recovery Cream – Shea Butter – Provide vital comfort and hydration to the skin.

Priori 2xFoliant Facial Scrub – Lactic Acid (derived from milk extract) – a hydrating fruit acid that smooths the skins surface by dissolving dead skin.


How long after Botox or Fillers do I need to wait to have this facial?
It is best to wait 2 weeks for Botox to settle before having any treatments to the face (Omnilux is safe at all times), as you do not wish to move the Botox. If you have recently had fillers, it is beneficial to massage these and you are able to have the facial the next day.

Will this treatment hurt?
Your therapist will apply as much or as little pressure as you desire. Ideally the pressure is very firm to release tension held in the muscles.


$360 for 60 minute treatment. Add an Omnilux Booster $60.



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