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Our nails are on display at all times. When we wave our hands to emphasise our point, if we touch a loved one, gesture to something or, even, simply reach for a glass at the bar.
There they are – and for all to see.

No wonder we’re so very aware of whether they look glossy and gorgeous – or, well, not.

The good news is that chic, shiny nails are not hard to create, says celebrity nail therapist Jocelyn Petroni, who counts models Megan Gale, Miranda Kerr and Jess Gomes amongst her clientele.

All it takes is a little dedication, a few minutes effort here and there, plus some basic nail knowledge says Jocelyn. Scroll down to learn more, plus, discover the classic nail polish hue that men adore.

What is the optimal nail shape if you want to look stylish but also keep nails healthy?

Keep nail length short and natural, with a slight curve on the free edges of the nail rather than a blunt square shape, which also adds femininity. Keep corners of the nail clean and sharp.

What is the on trend hue for 2019?

Nude, nude and more nude. There are so many nude nail shades to select from and it’s important to hit the right note with the shade to make your hands pop. Every person can create their own unique shade by layering polishes. It takes a little trial and error but when you get the right combination of colours, you will know. Look for nudes that are not too opaque, not too heavily pigmented and more translucent.

How do I look professional yet also on trend in regards to nails?

Nails can be so unforgiving and also have the power to really make a statement about you. That is why I always advise clients that nail health is the number one priority as nothing will look good on unhealthy-looking, weak and damaged nails. If you start with a great nail health base, any polish or nail treatment will look good and will last the distance before chipping. Also, experiment with trend shades and you will get an instinctive feeling on whether they suit you or not.

Best nail tip you think we’ll never have heard before?

Push your cuticles back whilst you’re in the shower or the bath. When your cuticles are wet and soapy they soften and will easily glide back off the nail plate. And, you can simply use the thumb nail of your opposite hand to do so.

Nails … really? Do they matter? Are people looking ta my hands + nails and judging and if yes – what says bad person? What says AWESOME?

Yes, nails are absolutely essential and can be quite telling and speak volumes! I am not saying you have to have a full set of polished red nails at all times. However neat, clean and well groomed nails are essential 24/7. They are always on show and are the only area of beauty you can see for yourself all the time. Having your nails in a great condition is a real confidence booster.

And finally men … do they tend to like a certain nail look and/ or style?

Men are really subjective about their nail preferences but always appreciate a clean, neat and well-groomed look……well that’s what hear from my clients anyway!

I also hear from my clients that their partners like to see them with beautiful fresh glossy red nails. No surprises there, long hair and red nails.

Finally your fave nail polish brands?

Chanel has such great polishes and are leaders in colour trend. I can’t wait to see what comes off the catwalk each season. I love their polishes for the intense colour pigments and the long-wear finish.

And Mavala … such a broad array of polishes to select from, there are 300 different colours, and it’s 12-free and non-toxic.

Words by Kelly Baker for New Idea


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