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My morning skincare routine starts at 1:30am, when I reapply my eye cream while I breastfeed my newborn baby. I am obsessed with eye cream, as I’m prone to dry and dehydrated eyes, so I find a good rich eye cream makes a visible difference to my dine dehydration lines.

At 6:50am I wash my face in the shower using a cream cleanser. I always have a cold rinse to stimulate circulation and rejuvenate my skin. My dad taught me this when I was a kid. I pat dry my skin so it is still a little damp and then apply Ultraceuticals Even Skintone Smoothing Serum followed by eye cream, face oil, face moisturise and sunscreen. I like to switch up my face oil and moisturises depending on what I am trailing and what’s new internationally. I’m currently obsessed with Hunter Lab’s Lipid Vitamin Face Oil, which is packed with 19 super oils that retain in my skin all night long.

My night routine involves deep cleansing and rich, active ingredients. I always double cleanse, as the first cleanse is superficial and removes surface dirt, oil, debris and make-up. An oil cleanse works best for the first cleanse, as oil is the best universal solvent, and then my second cleanse is usually a gentle foam – I love that spueaky-clean feeling. I am currently using Ultraceuticals Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser, which has a rich lather so it doesn’t strip my skin, and it’s also calming and hydrating.

As I am currently treating my post-pregnancy pigmentation, after cleansing I apply either a strong retinol or vitamin C treatment. Ultraceuticals make the best retinol serum – Ultra MD is their doctor line so it’s prescription-strength. To be honest, you are not going to see visible results if you use a vitamin A that is not prescription strength.

My passion for skin health began when I was a child, and my dad taught me how to look after my skin holistically. I grew up camping on the beach and Dad would take me for sunrise ocean swims. During the day, we’d sit at the foreshore and scrub each other’s backs with the sand. He taught me to have cold rinse-offs at the end of my showers and to cover my skin with oil afterwards – rituals I still follow every day.

Our skin condition is in part reflection of our inner wellbeing. By meditation daily, it sets the tone for your attitude and approach for the day and lowers your stress levels. The knock-on effect is lower cortisol levels, which means a glowing completion (and that) you rest better, eat better and generally have a more positive outlook on life.

Supplements are also essential for optimal skin and nail health, which includes giving your body a good hydration soak and high oil content. I love Vida Glow Original Marine Collagen, which is easily added to a daily glass of water. I have mine as part of my morning ritual while breastfeeding my baby, Georgia.

In terms of in-salon treatments, I do everything. I give myself regular facials, peels, manicures, body scrubs and body peels. I even have an omnilux machine by my bedside. My favourite make-up look is barely-there, to show off my skin. It’s always worked best for me. I love Chanel’s Vitalumiere (range) for it’s luminous finish. I like to look natural and low maintenance, which is lucky because these days, with a small baby, my make-up routine is super quick. A little mascara and some lip balm and I’m Done.

Words by Sally Hunwick for Marie Claire


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