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One of the positives to come out of the covid lockdown has been the ability for some of our brides to be to slow down, take some time for self-love, and focus on becoming the best version of themselves for their wedding day.

As the first article in our ‘Wedding Wellness’ series for our Helen on Weddings (HOW) blog, we spoke to one of the best in the business, expert beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni to get her advice for making your skin and nails wedding-ready. Jocelyn herself was a Helen Rodrigues bride not long ago so we’ve included some of her own personal beauty tips for the big day to help you out as well.


Regardless of the bridal look you are going for, glowing skin is a secret weapon to not only look your best on your special day but to creating long-lasting memories captured in photos, videos, and social media.

‘Wedding-ready’ skin takes time and effort, a journey that should start 12 months out from the big day. I always suggest to clients to keep a skincare journal throughout this time and build up a programme of activity to deliver optimal results. At the time, seek the support of a qualified skin expert who can understand your individual needs and develop a rigorous programme to achieve your goals. This should involve an external and internal plan.

Externally, develop a routine of in-salon and at-home maintenance, supported by a tailored assortment of quality skin care products designed to achieve your goal. Amplify active ingredients in your products and regularly use machinery and massage through in-salon treatments like facial peels, Omnilux sessions, and microdermabrasion. Omnilux plumps out your fine lines and leaves skin super hydrated, while microdermabrasion is an excellent way to slough away dry and dead skin debris that can build up on the skin. Vitamin A peels leave the skin dewy and glowing, whilst also targeting pigmentation. The options available are varied and complex, suitable for targeted needs, so it is best to be guided by a skincare expert.

Internally, eating a diverse diet that includes whole foods and minimally processed foods will deliver a glowing complexion. Feeding the skin from the inside out is also essential, so look for ingestible supplements to support the skin internally. Water goes without saying, drink at least two litres a day to keep hydration in the skin at an optimal level. Our skin condition is in part a reflection of our inner wellbeing. By exercising and meditating daily, it sets the tone for your attitude and approach for the day and lowers your stress levels. The knock-on effect is lower cortisol levels, which means a glowing complexion – you rest better, eat better and generally have a more positive outlook on life. Sleep is also so important to delivering great-looking, repaired skin. Beauty sleep is not a myth but actually essential for the skin to repair, detoxify and synthesize collagen. Be really conscious of achieving adequate sleep, 6-8 hours, every night in the last month leading up to the wedding.

Plan to have a facial one week out from the big day and the night before using an energizing face mask with Vitamin A to stimulate the blood flow and oxygen in the skin to ensure you wake up looking well-rested.

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni


Enhance your own beauty and don’t try to create a look that isn’t just you. Take the time to work out what expert support you need to achieve your ideal wedding look with hair, skin, makeup and nails and then map out that journey in the lead up to the big day in your journal. Also, don’t forget the groom as men also suffer with skin issues like redness, sensitivity and pimples. It’s important for the photos for the groom to also have optimum skin health. In fact, it’s important for the beauty needs of the entire bridal party to be taken into account. Remember that makeup only looks as good as the skin it is sitting on.

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni


We love to welcome brides and full bridal parties to the salon for their wedding preparation. Many brides seek our pre-wedding advice on skin and nails. We have also recently opened up a grand, luxe gallery space in the salon that caters to bridal parties. The gallery space is an oversized treatment room where 2 people can be treated with facials, manicures and pedicures happening at the same time. This opens to a beautiful outside courtyard/ balcony, where wedding parties can enjoy champagne, cupcakes and precious time together and reflect on everything in the lead up to the big day.


I started working on my wedding skin very early. I put myself on an intensive skin program for glowing, dewy and radiant results, it was important to me that my skin be more luminous than it has ever been. I booked into my salon as a client for a facial every 6 weeks. I alternated the skin brightening peel with the skin perfecting Azyme peel every two weeks and a 6 week intervals I had the Heart Chakra Prescribed Facial. I added an Omnilux booster to every peel or facial as well.

Jocelyn wore a stunning Elie Saab gown for her Sydney wedding – my very stylist friend, Nat was helping on reception in the salon and I asked her to browse around online for some wedding gown inspiration. She said her ‘heart fluttered’ when she came across this Elie Saab gown and her adoration was infectious, I instantly fell in love with it! I couldn’t get the dress in Sydney, London or Dubai, luckily Helen stepped in and helped me find it. I bought the dress before even trying it on!

Discover Jocelyn full Real Bride feature HERE.

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni

jocelyn petroni - how–wedding wellness with beauty expert jocelyn petroni


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