CHANEL Manicurist Jocelyn Petroni shows us how to create the perfect festive manicure using Le Vernis Rouge Intemporel of the Holiday 2021 Makeup Collection.

By Emily Algar

The enduring appeal of a red manicure is one that transcends seasons, but there is something about the classic shade that feels especially fitting for Christmas.

That’s why CHANEL’S 2021 Holiday Collection includes Le Vernis Rouge Intemporal, a true red nail enamel with timeless appeal. Inspired by the iconic N°5 fragrance and its 100th birthday, the bright, luminous red — with limited edition gold detailing on the cap — is bold, powerful and complementary to all festive beauty looks.

To help you achieve a glossy manicure at home, we’ve asked CHANEL Manicurist Jocelyn Petroni to walk us through each step and technique, from shaping to a perfect, high-shine finish.

“I love the versatility of the new Le Vernis Rouge Intemporel. This classic red is fun, feminine, elegant and sophisticated. You can wear it to a work meeting and out for dinner — it suits all occasions and looks great on all skin tones. Red is also the perfect festive colour… it’s a bit of fun on your fingertips to inspire getting out again” — JOCELYN PETRONI

Step One: File

“File the nails back and forth to create your ideal shape. I like to create a shape that slightly mirrors the cuticle, as I find it is the most complimentary.”

Step Two: Le Lift Hand Cream

“Firmly massage hands with LE LIFT La Crème Main, focusing on any pressure points. Be generous with your application and let the product soak into the skin — almost like a rich mask treatment — to counteract dryness and dehydration.”

Step Three: Le Dissolvant Douceur

“Swipe the nail plate with Le Dissolvant Douceur to remove all traces of oil from the nail’s surface and help the polish anchor to the nail plate. This will ensure a longer lasting result.”

Step Four: La Base

“Light in texture, La Base soaks into the nail to protect from discolouration. Apply a thin coat to prime the plate and ensure the polish is able to properly adhere.”

Step Five: Le Vernis

“Paint two thin coats of CHANEL Le Vernis Rouge Intemporel from the centre line to the sides of the nail and finish with capping the free edge. Chanel polishes are very pigment-dense, so if you’re running out the door you can apply one coat of this colour and still achieve excellent coverage.”


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