Party season in full swing, which means one too many late nights could be starting to show. But there are few ways you can make sure you look better than you feel. Sydney-based skin expert and facialist, Jocelyn Petroni, recently shared some of her best skincare tricks for a routine for the morning after a big night out. Here, FEMAIL rounds up five of Ms Petroni’s simple suggestions to keep your complexion looking its festive best.

If you do one thing, CLEANSE.

jocelyn petroni - daily mail australia - how to hide that hangover

Though you may not feel like it, washing your make up off before bed is non-negotiable, said Ms Petroni. The skincare expert, who is renowned for creating luminous skin, shared that not only does she cleanse once, but she cleanses twice for a deeper clean. ‘The first cleanse will remove the first layer of dirt, oil and make up, and the second cleanse will deep clean the skin and the pores,’ she told FEMAIL.

If cleansing feels like it could be too much of a stretch, at the very least make sure you have some make up remover wipes on hand.

Her recommendation: Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Make-Up Removing Wipes. Not only are they inexpensive, and remove all traces of make up, but they also leave your skin with a light layer of oil.

‘You can go straight to sleep after using. They’re an all-in-one for those rare occasions,’ she said.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.


jocelyn petroni - daily mail australia - how to hide that hangover

One of the first effects of alcohol is dehydration – too much can strip the skin of fluid leaving it looking dry, dull and sallow.

But rather than trying to counter the effects the day after, Ms Petroni is an advocate for taking a more proactive approach and suggests hydrating your skin as much as possible the day before.

‘The night before, or even the day of an event, wear a rich hydrating mask to intensely moisturise the skin,’ the expert said.

She explained moisture-intensive creams not only penetrate more deeply, but also help to lock in and retain water as well as lessen the fluid loss.

For those wanting to absolutely ensure their skin stays looking great, consider booking an OmniLux LED light therapy treatment at a salon.

Ms Petroni outlined that the treatment will not only help to supercharge hydration, it’s also anti-ageing and rejuvenating.

Fake it to make it.

jocelyn petroni - daily mail australia - how to hide that hangover

If the night before is really showing on your face, there’s a proven hack to help get your glow on and it’s likely you’ve got the product to hand.

Apply four drops of face oil to freshly washed skin, or add to your moisturiser or directly to your foundation.

It’s going to give your skin a dewy and fresh finish. You will look instantly better, and your skin will have just enough of a glow.’

The facialist’s top suggestion for all skin types is to use Australian brand Shemana, and in particular, she suggests their Ritual Face Serum which she said ‘is amazing’.

Holy Sheet (mask).

jocelyn petroni - daily mail australia - how to hide that hangover

Staying with a theme of prevention, Ms Petroni said pop a sheet mask into the fridge the night before, and use it as soon as you wake up to refresh tired skin.

‘Let it soak in for 20 minutes. Your make up will sit better because your skin will be really hydrated,’ she said.

Alternatively, Ms Petroni suggested using a sheet mask as a way to infuse moisture into the skin before going out.

The masks offer an extra hydration boost which can help to lock in fluid.

The best stuff to tighten the puff.

jocelyn petroni - daily mail australia - how to hide that hangover

While the adage says the eyes are the mirror to the soul, unfortunately they can also be the biggest tell-tales we might not have had enough sleep or aren’t feeling in top form.

Though Ms Petroni is yet to declare any one product as an absolute must-have for minimising eye bags, dark circles or puffiness, she said having some Aloe vera on hand can work wonders.

‘Keep aloe vera gel in the fridge,’ she recommends.

‘And apply a thick layer of the gel all over your face as you would a mask, and leave for 20 minutes to soak in and remove with a cold face cloth.’

If things feel as though they are too far gone to be tackled with any at home hacks, book an appointment with your beauty therapist STAT, said Ms Petroni.

‘If you can get yourself to a salon and have a facial, it will take away any signs of a hangover,’ she concluded.

Words by Emilia Mazza for Daily Mail Australia
Images: Shutterstock


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