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As a beauty writer and general skin care fanatic, my night-time skin care routine falls somewhere between excessive and comical. Micellar water comes first, followed by a cleansing oil, chemical exfoliant (but only two to three times a week), serum, eye cream, moisturiser and perhaps an oil or overnight mask, depending on how my skin is feeling and the time of the year. As a result, by the time I actually get into bed not only am I tired from the long day, but also from the lengthy skin care routine I’ve just meticulously applied.

That’s why you can imagine my frustration on the days when I wake up not only exhausted but with a dry face that feels tight and dehydrated. To find out why, I asked Australian skin care expert and facialist, Jocelyn Petroni, who said my problem can be solved by simply staying awake an additional 20 minutes to let my skin care products absorb into my skin before I hop into bed.

“It’s important to let your skin care products sink into your skin before going to sleep to avoid your pillowcase absorbing half of your products. Pillowcases are more absorbent than our skin so products will soak into your pillowcase first,” Petroni explains. She adds, “friction from your pillowcase with excess oil on the skin’s surface (that is yet to be absorbed) can contribute to breakouts and congestion.”

Additionally, Petroni explains that “products have target skin cell layers that their active ingredients need to reach in order to work most efficiently. It only takes 20 minutes for optimal product absorption so give your skin this time to ensure they sink to their target skin cell layer.”

Now, if staying awake an extra 20 minutes on days when you’re shattered feels like torture, fear not. Petroni suggests switching to products with a lighter, water-based texture because they will absorb much quicker. Some of our top picks are Ultraceutricals B2 Hydrating Serum, Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque or REN Radiance Perfecting Serum.

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Words by Kate Niven for Beauty Crew as published on Beauty Crew here.


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