jocelyn petroni - 9 honey - the one thing every woman over 30 needs on her beauty shelf

When you hit your 30s it’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding anti-ageing skincare products. More often than not, 30-something skin is fine to carry on with a considered routine of sensible cleansing, regular hydration, a bit of exfoliation here and there and sunscreen always.

But there’s one ingredient maturing skin would benefit from adding into the mix, and for anyone who is entering their 30s, or has been there for a while, vitamin A is essential… if clear, younger-looking skin is your goal.

jocelyn petroni - 9 honey - the one thing every woman over 30 needs on her beauty shelf(Getty)

It’s the holy grail to women (and men) concerned about ageing skin because it assists with our skin’s natural cell turnover (aka desquamation) — something that your skin does naturally every day but at an uneven rate — by creating smoother skin texture and a clearer complexion.

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Leading Australian skincare expert Jocelyn Petroni agrees that vitamin A should be the ride or die beauty product for anyone over 30.

“Seems simple but the impact and visible results from using vitamin A are enormous as it reduces pigmentation, fine lines and breakouts while revealing fresh, dewy, radiant, glowing skin – and we know hydrated, radiant skin always looks youthful,” says Petroni.

As we get older our skin’s natural cell turn over starts to lag and the result is often a thicker layer of dead skin cells, which creates a dull, uneven complexion. It’s at this point where vitamin A works wonders in encouraging your skin to turnover more effectively, like it used to when you were in your 20s.

“I swear by vitamin A! I recommend applying a prescription strength vitamin A in the form of a serum or cream every evening,” adds Petroni. But she warns that it should be used with caution, like any new skincare product you introduce into your routine.

“Vitamin A should always be applied at night because it can make the skin more photosensitive during the day.

Words by Carina Rossi for 9Honey


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