November 1, 2022 | Written By: Roxy Lola

It's that time of year: Chanel's shimmering holiday collection has arrived. This year the theme is celestial brilliance, titled Ask For the Moon. Chanel always speaks our language. Launching today in the midst of an especially magical eclipse season, the collection features gleaming eyeshadow palettes, deep dramatic lip colours, a glittering body oil, an illuminating face powder and three oh-so-Chanel nail colours. We spoke to the official manicurist of Chanel Australia, Jocelyn Petroni to get her top nail tips for the holiday season and talk all things Chanel Beauty:

We love the new Chanel Holiday collection - and we love your work! We especially love that the collection is inspired by the moon. We obviously have to start this by asking, what is your moon sign?!

"I don’t know my moon sign however I am a big believer in the power of the moon and how the moon effects us. The moon controls the tides and bodies of water, and we are, after all made up of 90% water."

The nail shades are brilliant. A perfect Chanel red, that holiday-esque Etoilé and the very mysterious Clair de Lune. Do you have a favourite shade? What did you think when you saw this season’s collection?

"My heart fluttered when I opened Clair de Lune for the first time, it’s fun and vibrant but ever so elegant and chic."

We love that Clair De Lune is a top coat, it feels very on trend. How would you recommend this be used?

"I recommend starting with layering over a naked nail then over nude and natural shades. It’s like an elevated 'glazed donut' look, a natural glow from within. This top coat can be layered over any colour, play with it and enjoy the different creations."

What have you been doing/seeing a lot of recently, in terms of nail trends?

"At the moment anything goes when it comes to nail art. However the best nail looks play to your natural strengths; the shape of your hands, the length and width of your nail beds etc. There’s an art to creating a custom nail look that compliments you and also embraces your style. We need our nails to be highly detailed but not so much from a painting perspective. Detail the cuticle work and cleaning your nails, keep the polish simple but unique to your personality."

Looking at these nighttime inspired nail colours, which song or album comes to mind?

"Anything form the Midnight in Paris sound track, I still immerse myself in this music whilst manicuring in the salon."

Which other product in the new collection are you most excited to try?

"Chanel have a new shimmering body oil, L’Huile D'or. It’s smooth and delectable, the shimmer is soft just like moonlight and smells devine. Applied to hands and arms post manicure it gives the skin a moon-kissed finish."

Is there a process to choosing the right nail colour for a specific look?

"I ask my clients how they are feeling and together we create a nail that empowers their mood and true self expression."

What are your top three ultimate nail care steps?

"1. Your night time nail routine is the most important time to treat your nails. You sleep for approx 7 hours and during that time you can give your nails a treatment that repairs and strengthens from all the daily damage.

3. Apply any oil, cream, body balm to your hands and nails every night. The nails naturally repair themselves whilst we sleep. The cells regenerate more and they absorb more product than they can during the day.

3. Keep cuticle oil by your bedside and massage in before you sleep. CHANEL’s L'HUILE CAMÉLIA smells beautiful and it’s lovely to fall asleep to."

If you had to wear one nail colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?

":) Clear."

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

"Bringing some fun soft shimmers into my personal daily natural nail look. I don’t like glitter so I’m experimenting with shimmers and eye shadows on my own nails and colour complimenting pigments to my clients skin tones."

The Chanel Holiday 2022 collection is available now.


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