Having played a Satan-worshipping babysitter, a pistol-whipping bride, and, next, a Playboy bunny, Australian actor Samara Weaving is settling into her toughest role to date: a real Hollywood star.


A magazine cover with HARPERS BAZAAR in orange, behind a photo of Samara weaving in a green varsity jacket over white bra and underwear, white sneakers, standing with one leg on a hot pink concrete brick and a fist in the air, biceps flexed

WHEN THE HARPER’S BAZAAR crew arrive on a cold, damp Sydney morning to photograph Samara Weaving for this cover, they’re unaware that it isn’t actually the Australian actor on set. It’s Bridget, Weaving’s alter ego.

“When I first realised that photoshoots were part of the job, I found it really uncomfortable and awkward,” says Weaving, a self-described introvert who suffers from anxiety. “So I came up with this character so it wouldn’t really be me doing it, and we called her Bridget.”

It may seem like a grand irony — the starlet with a striking old-Hollywood beauty, a CV that includes projects with the producer Ryan Murphy, screenwriter Martin McDonagh and director Damien Chazelle, and who is a friend of the Louis Vuitton house, struggles in front of the camera. But Bridget is just a codename for the role Weaving is reluctantly familiarising herself with: that of a bona fide movie star.

Samara Weaving wears a white dress and kitten heels. She is bending forward holding an orange cone on her head like a hat. At the top of the image is black handwriting saying WEAVING MAGIC, and below her is the same writing saying PHOTOGRAPHED BY BEN MORRIS STYLED BY JILLIAN DAVISON WORDS BY GRACE O'NEILL

Samara Weaving stands wearing a pink leotard with LV motif logo, a blue jacket, and white sneakers with multicoloured ropes hanging around her neck like a scarf

Samara Weaving lies on the ground amidst coloured foam blocks. She is wearing a green checkered polo, green briefs and white and black kitten heels

Samara Weaving stands wearing a blue minidress with kitten heels, holding a large rock above her head. Superimposed over the image is pink handwriting reading THIS IS A REAL ROCK I AM VERY STRONG

Samara Weaving kneels on the ground, leaning backwards and arching her back with an arm raised over her head. She is wearing a green leotard and white sneakers with a vest

Samara Weaving lies on the ground raising her torso up with her hands on the ground wearing black sunglasses a blue bra and tennis skirt and kitten heels, with multicoloured ropes scattered over her

Samara Weaving lies on the ground with one leg raised in the air wearing a blue bra and tennis skirt and kitten heels, and black sunglasses with multicoloured ropes scattered over her

Samara Weaving stands in a squat position on two yellow cinderblocks with her hands behind her head and elbows out. She wears a red and white tunic and white baggy shorts and white and black kitten heels. on either side of her are the words WATCH and ME!

A black and white close up portrait of Samara Weaving in black sunglasses and a button up with shirt, staring blankly ahead, with hair falling in front of her sunglasses

Hair by Pete Lennon at AP-Reps; makeup by Victoria Baron at M.A.P; manicure by Jocelyn Petroni. Prop styling by Claudia Wilki.


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