jocelyn petroni - jocelyn & john - vogue brides

jocelyn petroni - jocelyn & john - vogue brides

jocelyn petroni - jocelyn & john - vogue brides

jocelyn petroni - jocelyn & john - vogue brides


How did you meet? “We were introduced by our dear friends [Vogue editor-in-chief] Edwina McCann and David Basha. The four of us went out to dinner and I was incredibly nervous. Johnny was his usual talkative and hilarious self and I instantly fell in love with his smiling eyes.” 

Tell us how your husband proposed. “We were staying at Whale Beach for the weekend. As soon as we arrived we grabbed champagne and glasses and walked down the road to check out the surf. It was a windy day and Johnny’s glass smashed on the footpath when he placed it on a nearby bench. I thought he was picking up the pieces when he dropped to his knee so I knelt down to help him when he said: ‘Look at me!’ I was completely taken by surprise. I love how casual our proposal was – true to Johnny and a reflection of our relationship.” 

How did you approach planning? “Johnny is Catholic and I am Buddhist, but brought up Catholic, so we wed at Johnny’s local Catholic church. We plan to travel to Bhutan for a belated honeymoon to receive blessings from the Tibetan lamas, which will be my spiritual wedding.” 

Why did you pick your venue? “Catalina is an iconic Sydney restaurant and I have always loved dinning there with my girlfriends. Being a family-owned and operated venue, the McMahons look after their guests and the spectacular food and view is all you need to keep everyone happy. And espresso martinis, of course.” 

Tell us about some of the styling details. “Working with Chanel, I filled the bathroom with Chanel fragrances. Almira Armstrong from Lumira created candles decorated with our initials, which were then placed throughout Catalina. The room smelled like heaven.” 

Tell us about your dress. “I asked my stylish girlfriend Nat to help me find a gown. She said her heart fluttered when she came across this Elie Saab dress and her adoration was infectious.” 

What about your accessories? “My friend, jeweller Matthew Ely, created a magnificent pair of earrings for the day with a simple pair of diamonds and oversized pearls.” 

Describe your hair and make-up. “My skin had to be looking its absolute best for a natural make-up look to shine through. I put my skin on an intensive wedding skin program nine months prior to the date. It was fun to treat my skin to everything available in my salon without holding back. My skin has never been so radiant and glowing.” 

Most memorable moment from your wedding day? “By far my favourite moment of the wedding was my sister’s speech and her incredibly powerful words about me. I listened to her speak wanting to be the woman she was talking about, overwhelmed that I am.” 

What was the most exciting part of your wedding day? “When we entered Catalina for the reception our bridal party spontaneously danced into the venue. Johnny and I went straight to the champagne tower, filled it up and helped ourselves to the first glass and had a boogie on the dance floor. I was laughing and bursting with joy.” 

Dress: Elie Saab
Rings: Matthew Ely
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Rachel Gilbert
Groom’s Attire: MJ Bale
Hair: Julia Homard and Melanie Burke
Make-Up: Amelia Axton
Skin: Jocelyn Petroni
Photographers: Erin & Tara
Venue: Catalina restaurant, Rose Bay, Sydney
Wedding Planner: Kashaya & Co


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