The Goddess Meditation Facial

Embodying the philosophy that a healthy mind creates healthy skin, The Goddess Meditation Facial combines the best in skincare with highly trained meditation.

Because we are all Goddesses within, this guided meditation connects you to your inner beauty through massage. This treatment combines our signature Heart Chakra Facial with a personalised and guided meditation practice throughout the facial, for the ultimate holistic experience.


Body scanning consciously relaxes every part of your body, one muscle at a time.

Be guided through letting go of tension in the face, eyes and neck as they are massaged and released.

Feel strong and empowered with this self-love treatment.

The blissful Heart Chakra Massage of the face, neck, décolletage and scalp, incorporates ancient hypnotic European, Reiki and Shiatsu massage techniques to intensify blood and lymph circulation, collagen production and glowing skin.


Shedhasy Enzyme Scrub – Pomegranate Enzyme – is beneficial for those with pigmentation issues, as it can brighten and balance the pigment.

Ultra Moisturiser Eye Cream – Tocoopherol (Vitamine E) – Helps maintain lipid barrier and supports the skin’s natural moisturising factor.


Will there be talking throughout the facial?
We tailor the meditation to your needs and wants, for example we can begin the facial with a guided meditation or conduct silent meditation if this is what you prefer.

I’ve never meditated before, can I still have this treatment?
Absolutely! This facial is perfect for first time meditators and can also accommodate the most experienced meditation practitioners.


$360 for 60 minute treatment. Add an Omnilux Booster $60.



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