The Clean Beauty Manicure

Jocelyn Petroni is offering a targeted “CLEAN” manicure for clients who are making decisions for their daily life that take into account a particular regard to conscious consumerism.

Our clean manicure focuses on the overall health of the nail and excludes harsh ingredients that can be found in most manicure treatments. We have handpicked products and ingredients that help protect the environment, while utilising packaging that is biodegradable. 


The perfect solution to chipped and flaking nails, the Clean Manicure is a must for those who have had long term use of acrylics, gels and powder polishes.

Nails are left with a breathable high-shine glassy finish that does not include polish.

Regrow and repair the nail to make it stronger, with a meticulously attentive treatment that focuses on optimum, beautiful nails.

Treatment includes a replenishing hand cream application and firm hand and arm massage to finish, using European, Shiatsu and Reiki massage techniques.


Most nail product ingredients contain alcohol and acetones. Does the nail polish remover contain acetone or alcohols?
No. We use The MAVALA Crystal Nail Polish Remover, which is colourless, odourless and acetone free, is an eco-friendly nail polish remover safe enough to pour onto a plant. The product is produced under cold conditions, reducing energy consumption during the manufacturing process.

Will I get the same result from a clean manicure as I do a regular manicure?
Yes, our Cuticle Softener is based on home remedies using ingredients such as Aloe Vera for nourishment of nails and cuticles, ethically sourced Certified Organic Honey rich in antibacterial powers with healing benefits and anti-inflammatory capabilities. It also includes certified Organic Lemon essential oil helping to strengthen weak brittle nails, as well as keeping the nails bright, shiny and clean, also acting as an anti-fungal agent too. All these ingredients treat the nail and the cuticles allowing your beauty therapist to achieve the same result as she would with a regular manicure.

Can I have colour polish on my nails?
To achieve a true clean manicure or pedicure, we recommend the natural nail plate be buffed to a glassy breathable finish free from an occlusive polish application. A natural nourishing growth stimulating nail treatment is applied to strengthen the nails and promote healthy, optimal nail growth. 


$90 for 45 minute treatment.



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