jocelyn petroni - who - treatment performance + description

At Petroni’s salon in Woollahra, Sydney, you feel relaxed and ready to be pampered. It is just pure luxury. After a brief consultation with my facialist, Kristina, all questions were answered and I completely relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the hour-long pampering session. “This treatment is best suited for skin that has become dull and dehydrated, in need of radiance and deep hydration. Sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin will also love the results from the vitamin A infusion that follows the diamond tip exfoliation,” says Petroni.

The deep exfoliation allows absorption of the brightening and energising mask. This is coupled with a massage of the face, décolletage, neck and scalp, fusing European, reiki and shiatsu techniques … divine!

There’s no downtime to this treatment though my skin was slightly pink following it, but no more than with any other facial, which surprised me as I normally have sensitive, reactive skin. Over the next week, my skin kept looking brighter and clearer and I had a lot of compliments from friends. Two weeks later I can still feel the difference, especially when putting my foundation on, it glides on effortlessly.

Words by Toni Hynes, Beauty Editor


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