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Jocelyn, one of Australia’s leading beauty artisans, is always searching for impactful advances for her personalised treatments at her own salon and for the industry overall. ‘I travel overseas to experience international standards, sourcing the best-of-the-best from around the world. I pick up new methods along with what’s new, deciphering between what’s trend led and what’s truly innovative and gives results’, explains Jocelyn. ‘I am continually learning as a business owner and thought leader but also as a beauty therapist. I am hungry to learn how to better my craft, and my passion for the beauty industry grows with my learning’.

As a highly experienced therapist, Jocelyn says trialing something new needs to be results-based to get her interest. ‘Most trends are marketing tools that reinvent the wheel without actually bringing value to the consumer. I see my job as an industry leader to be the person who researches beauty trends, try and test them and honestly report back to give my clients real results’.

Pushing the standards on industry training Jocelyn is a natural nurturer and mentor, with unparalleled training. The Jocelyn Petroni salon is the first salon to initiate an extensive four-week training program for new therapists before working with clients, and to give in-house training every four weeks to maintain treatment quality, inspire the team and train the best beauty experts in the industry.

‘I believe my salon is the first where all our beauty therapists are trained to be Reiki practitioners, a hands-on healing technique that comes from Japan’, explains Jocelyn. She also works with The French Beauty Academy as a mentor and sponsor, offering the Academy’s top seven students a two-week beauty internship and signature Heart Chakra Facial with Jocelyn herself. ‘I consider myself to be a coach with all my staff and I love taking the time to mentor them while they are with my business and beyond’, she says.

High-performance attitude Jocelyn’s treatments go beyond just skin. ‘Our experience is unique to the beauty industry. Our non-invasive facial treatments offer medi-spa results without the recovery time, but with the added benefit of deep relaxation with our signature ‘loving touch’. This increases cortisol levels and skin healing for deeper, longer lasting results and a better feeling of wellbeing’, she explains. The salon’s attention to detail is impeccable. The super-charged luxury experience begins with white fluffy slippers on arrival, and personalised choice of music. The salon boasts 6m high vaulted ceilings and oversized treatment rooms flooded with natural light. The Gallery, a recent expansion, was designed to make clients feel the sense of peaceful nurturing, as soon as they walk into the beautifully designed space.

In the salon, and beyond In 2015, Jocelyn Petroni was appointed the first official nail expert for Chanel Australia and in 2017 the Jocelyn Petroni salon became the first official Chanel polish stockist in the world, outside of Chanel. ‘Last year I took my team to Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley, taking over the spa for the day, offering Jocelyn Petroni facial experiences to guests. It was great for my team and we hope to go back this year for another collaboration’, she says.

The JP philosophy – Jocelyn has paved the way in the beauty industry and has always stayed true to her beliefs in skin and nail love, with a non-invasive European approach. ‘Our salon supports a natural beauty look. We are more Meghan Markle than Kim Kardashian and this translates to low maintenance treatments that focus on skin health and nail health. We know beautiful and we celebrate natural beauty’, she says. ‘I love working as a beauty therapist – it is the best job in the world and running my own business, being responsible for my sense of success, makes me deeply happy. I am naturally a fairly excitable person with anything to do with the beauty industry – with a captive audience I could talk for days on nail painting tips or skin types and conditions. The more I learn the more there is to discover and I am learning every single day’.

Words by Nadine Dilong


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