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If there’s one inevitability in life, it’s that we’re all getting older. Here, the latest products and pros you need to know when it comes to combatting the clock


Dermatologists have long urged us to treat our hands, our most age-exaggerating body part, like our face. In addition to extending SPF and retinol or peptide- charged serums to the backs of hands, it’s no surprise that Sydney’s go-to facialist and manicurist Jocelyn Petroni is making easy work of treating the sun damage and uneven skin tone that shows up there. A new bolt-on hand-and-arm treatment with Ultraceuticals formulations includes a 30-per-cent- strength lactic peel massage followed by moisturiser and (of course) SPF. For best results, add a body moisturiser with lactic acid to your daily regimen, too.Utraceuticals Ultra Retexturising Body Complex, $95.


The K-beauty breakthrough we’re most grateful for? New-gen pimple patches. And we no longer need to beg friends in New York to send home our favourite: ZitSticka’s clear, matt- nish patch covered in dissolving microneedles lled with blemish- reducing ingredients such as salicylic acid, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid to target swelling and redness. Two hours is good; overnight is better.
ZitSticka Killa Kit, $40.


Finally hitting our shores, IS Clinical is the LA-based brand out to prove that pharmaceutical-grade skincare and natural ingredients make happy
bedfellows. Loved by our cover star, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Jessica Alba, Active Serum is the hero worth trying rst.The lightweight formula addresses hyperpigmentation and wrinkles over time, but what really sets it apart is the fact it also clears congestion overnight. Apply a few drops in the evening to cleansed skin and pack it in your carry-on, too.We disembarked with noticeably brighter and calmer skin than usual on a recent long-haul ight. IS Clinical Active Serum, $143.


Dr Vivian Tam, cosmetic acupuncturist

We trust acupuncture to heal our bodies (insert anxiety, cramps, bloating, back pain here), and our skin, too. In Dr Tam’s expert hands, the 40-or-so ultra- ne needles she strategically places from the hairline to the jaw work to boost collagen and elastin, improve circulation and

help heal acne and scarring. Just one session should yield a noticeable glow, but for those with deeper wrinkles who are after lift, Dr Tam recommends up to 10 treatments for a more youthful appearance.

For bookings with Dr Vivian Tam, visit cosmeticacupuncturemelbourne.com.au.

Words by Brooke Le Poer Trench for Harper’s Bazaar


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