A lot has been written about oils and the revolutionary benefits they can deliver for our complexions. From fixing dehydration to delivering vital nutrients, for a while, it felt like oils could do no wrong. However, a small portion of the beauty population couldn’t get behind oils for two reasons: they didn’t fit into their natural beauty routines and secondly (and this may seem rather obvious) they were too, well, oily.

Enter Clarins Plant Gold L’Or des Plants, a nutri-revitalizing oil-emulsion, the latest skincare launch from the pioneering French beauty brand. First things first, as the name suggests, its an ‘emulsion’ which means it bears little resemblance to the oils currently in your beauty cabinet. While still reaping the skin-nurturing benefits of a straight-up oil, this unique dual-chamber bottle, combines the iconic Clarins Blue Orchid Treatment Oil and a luxurious melting emulsion. The two formulas blend together on application to create a lightweight, non-oily texture, providing skin with comfort, vitality and radiance.

When pressed into the skin morning and night (thats the other thing about this product, it’s foolproof to use too), Clarins Plant Gold boosts overall radiance thanks to a trio of 100 percent plant oils: hazelnut, organic macadamia and blue orchid. 

Plant Gold is the newest instalment from the brand which has long heralded the benefits of botanicals. Some 60 years ago, Clarins founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins, coined the term ‘aromaphytocare’. Put simply, it describes the skincare company’s dedication to plant extracts and their essential oils – many of which can’t be replicated synthetically – and are known to impact our overall wellbeing thanks to their calming aroma.

Fast-forward to today, and Plant Gold continues to deliver the same natural ethos via it’s moisturising formulation, delivering vital nutrients and radiance to a lacklustre complexion. Dedicated oil-lovers will notice ultra-hydrating benefits to rival their regular roster of oils without the addition of synthetics which have been known to irritate sensitive skin types. As for those who had shied away from oils in the past, Plant Gold will allow you to reap all the benefits of an oil (sans oiliness) while taking a much-needed moment of well-being out of your busy day. Because if anything incites a youthful glow on par with a well-rounded skincare routine, it’s dedicated me-time.

Words for Vogue in partnership with Clarins

Vogue Australia + Clarins – Jocelyn Petroni


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