The Tailored Men's Facial

Firm, thorough and results driven, the Tailored Men’s Facial is a no-nonsense skin treatment crafted to treat individual male skin concerns.

Expert skin therapists professionally analyse your skin to discern your skin type, specific concerns and conditions to create a custom facial to deliver optimal skin results.


A thorough double cleanse, using lymphatic drainage massage techniques, is followed by a lactic acid exfoliation to dissolve surface dry dead skin.

Experience a gentle yet meticulous extraction of black heads, congestion and build up.

Thoroughly cleansed skin is toned and deeply relaxed with a firm face, neck and scalp massage to stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage and detoxify the deepest skin cell layers and muscle tissue.

Tailored mask application to target your individual concerns such as fine lines, dehydration or congested pores.


Ultraceuticals Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser – Aloe Vera – Thoroughly cleanse and remove surface impurities and make-up without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Purifying Mask – Salicylic Acid – deeply exfoliates and clears pores and reduces blemishes.


I have a beard, do I need to shave before my facial?
No, our expert beauty artisans will provide the skin a strong clean and scrub in the beard area to rejuvenate the skin and remove any build-up of dead skin cells – no beard is too thick!

I have a cold sore, can I still have a facial?
As cold sores are highly contagious we are unable to provide treatments if you have one. This is protect your from the cold sore spreading across your face as well as cross contamination tour therapists and other clients.

I’ve never had a facial, what can I expect?
Our expert beauty artisans will consult with you to understand your skin concerns, once the treatment begins all you need to do is relax.


$330 for 60 minute treatment. Add an Omnilux Booster $65.



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