This beauty treatment is a must-have for the bride who wants to embrace her natural beauty. 

The months leading up to your wedding day can be a whirlwind of appointments and it can be difficult to navigate exactly what beauty ritualsyou need to have before heading to the altar. From facials to hair cuts and spray tans to teeth whitening, it can be overwhelming to stay true to yourself in the sea of suggested beauty appointments to make for your big day. One area in which you can lighten the load is your nails. We spoke to internationally-renowned Sydney beauty therapist Jocelyn Petroni about the ultimate bridal beauty treatment – the naked manicure – which is the perfect option for the bride who wants a fuss-free look. 

“Our signature naked manicure is a fresh change from a traditional colour-focussed approach and instead leaves the nails looking natural, bright and healthy,” explains Petroni.  “It’s all about treating the nails and restoring nail health by identifying a client’s nail concern and offering a tailor-made solution. Not only do clients opt for this treatment to improve the condition of their nails but also as a healthy, minimalist way of treating nails.”

Petroni, who offers the treatment at her namesake Woollahra salon, says the clean and natural nail look is certainly a trend at the moment, so it’s no wonder brides are turning to it, too. “We are seeing a return to natural nails as I feel women are looking for a low maintenance option that is still chic and can look equally as polished as a full set of block colour nails,” Petroni shares. “Brides are requesting a natural beauty look that enhances their natural beauty rather than looking fake or over the top. Natural nails keep a bride looking elegant and sophisticated.”

The naked manicure is much like a regular manicure, except instead of polish, Petroni uses a world-class range of products from Swiss nail brand Mavala, which leaves the nails with a breathable high-shine glassy finish. For brides, it will look like you’re wearing clear polish, without wearing anything at all. “We draw on various products including some high-tech results-based nail treatment from Mavala,” Petroni shares. “Mavala has a rich heritage in nail care and treatment and offers a solution for any nail concern. The sheer range on offer allows us to provide exacting treatment to a wide range of nail concerns.” 

This timeless treatment not only looks good but Petroni can attest it’s good for the nails, too. “This treatment is tailor-made and about treating bespoke concerns through a detailed consultation with each client,” she describes. “The therapist then treats the nails accordingly with a mix of nail-enhancing products combined with a firm hand and arm massage using European, Shiatsu and Reiki massage techniques.” In other words, the naked manicure actively treats and strengthens nail health over time.

For brides, Petroni recommends coming in fortnightly for six consecutive naked manicures in the lead up to the wedding, while also using prescribed treatment products at home in between visits. In other words, for best results, you need to start 12 weeks out for the wedding and see Petroni or one of her incredible therapists every two weeks. “Once this course is completed the naked manicure is recommended as a monthly nail treatment to maintain the results and for optimal nail health,” she adds.

Words by Danielle Gay for Vogue Australia