The Mandelic Peel

For a specialised peel, Mandelic acid is applied to immediately eliminate dead skin cells, absorb excess lipids on the skin and unblock pores. Derived from bitter almonds and containing high levels of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), Mandelic acid helps to activate the skin’s natural regeneration cycle.

While Mandelic acid is suitable for all skin types and concerns, its outstanding ability to absorb excess oils combined with anti-inflammatory properties, make it the ideal treatment for JP clients with oily or acne prone skin.
With its high concentration of AHA’s, the Mandelic peel is also a perfect choice for clients concerned with visible signs of aging and minimising pigmentation.

Mandelic acid is a well-tolerated peel with minimal downtime, and is safe during pregnancy.

30 minutes $210, w. Beauty Artisians.


The Radiance Facial, with Microdermabrasion

Unlike our other facial treatments this new medical grade machine actively ablates the skin’s surface for advanced exfoliation. Removing every trace of dry dead skin cells the diamond tip technique thoroughly smooths the surface of the skin, improving texture tone and radiance. Stimulates cell turnover, lymphatic drainage and oxygen rich blood for improved deep circulation and surface luminosity. Treats dryness and dehydration, dull skin that is lack lustre, thickened skin and sun damage. All skin types will love the instant results and next day glow that this deep exfoliation reveals.

Following the removal of the surface build up on the skin, product penetration is optimised and your skin specific serum soaks through to it’s target skin cell layer to deeply hydrate, brighten and/ or repair. A blissful facial, neck, décolletage and scalp massage follows and is intensified with a Brightening Mask medium.

Includes our signature eye and facial cleansing method, which incorporates hypnotic European, Reiki and Shiatsu massage techniques.

75 minutes $300, w. Beauty Artisans.
Upgrade to The Radiance Plus Facial, with Hydrabrasion for $30


Brightening Mask Peel 

An active mask that heats on contact with the skin and deeply targets pigmentation. For overall luminosity this peel’s unique blend of 5 hyper pigment blockers, skin brighteners and exfoliants synergistically restore skin’s luminosity and radiance.

30 minutes $210, w. Beauty Artisans.

Purchase a course of 6 peels and receive your last peel complimentary


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