The Deep Skin
Tissue Facial

Because a healthy mind creates healthy skin.

Like a workout for your complexion, this firm pressure facial releases the muscles of the face, eyes, jaw, neck and scalp.

Our skin fitness regime exercises the muscles for increased blood flow to relax the face, plus tone and firm from the inside out.

This firm and thorough facial uses advanced massage techniques including shiatsu pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage massage and deep tissue muscle release massage.

The face, muscles, bones and fascia are released to allow blood and lymphatic flow to the deepest skin cell layers. Here, skin is nourished with oxygen rich blood and minerals for rosy, glowing skin nurtured from the inside.

Lymphatic drainage massage clears toxins and congestion from the skin’s surface, drains fluid from puffy eyes and flushes skin of congestion, caused by sweat and outdoor pollutants, for optimal skin health.

The muscles around the eye area never relax, even during sleep. This treatment includes a deep eye treatment that completely relieves eye tension and relaxes the eye socket for deep rejuvenation.

This treatment finishes with a firm knuckle neck and scalp massage.

Results are felt instantly, skin is plump, nourished and exercised into good health.

60 minutes $300, w. Beauty Artisans. $380, w. Jocelyn.
Add an Omnilux Booster $60


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